Canon announced a new 4K 20x 2/3-inch zoom lens with a built-in 2x extender aimed at ENG and field production.

With a focal range of 7.8–156mm, the CJ20ex7.8B is the fourth lens in Canon's UHDxs line, along with the CJ12ex4.3B wide-angle and the UJ86x9.3B and UJ90x9B long-zoom lenses.

"Complementing the wide-angle performance of the CJ12ex4.3B lens introduced earlier this year, the new CJ20ex7.8B lens provides a versatile option for magnificent imagery, whether in 4K UHD or HDTV," said Canon U.S.A. COO Yuichi Ishizuka in a prepared statement. 

 Designed for shoulder-mount applications, the lens weighs four lbs, 13 oz. It has a 20-pin connector for zoom, focus and iris read-out and two more 20-pin connectors for zoom and focus control.

The CJ20ex7.8B is scheduled to ship in June 2016.


Image Composition
Object Image Format
2/3 Inch
Aspect Ratio
Zoom Ratio
Focal Length Range
7.8 ~ 156mm
Focal Length Range with Extender
15.6 ~ 312mm (with 2x Extender)
Angular Field of View
63.2° × 38.2° at 7.8mm 
3.5° × 2.0° at 156mm
Angular Field of View with Extender
34.2° × 19.6° at 15.6mm (with 2x Extender)1.8° × 1.0° at 312mm (with 2x Extender)

Optical Brightness
Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number)
1:1.8 at 7.8~108mm1:2.6 at 156mm
Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) with Extender
1:3.6 at 15.6 ~ 216mm (with 2x Extender)1:5.2 at 312mm (with 2x Extender)

Scene Composition
MOD From Front of Lens
0.80 Meter (10mm with Macro)
Scene Object Dimensions at MOD
91.7 × 51.6cm at 7.8mm4.8 × 2.7cm at 156mm
Scene Object Dimensions at MOD with Extender
45.9 × 25.9cm at 15.6mm (with 2x Extender)2.4 × 1.4cm at 312mm (with 2x Extender)

Physical Attributes

6.7in (169.9mm)
4.5in (114.4mm)
9.1in (230mm) = length
4.81 lbs (2.18kg)

Source: Canon U.S.A.