Further blurring the lines between pro gear and consumer technology, Sony Pictures Entertainment's (SPE) upcoming horror feature Cadaver, starring Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) was shot entirely with the Sony α7S II mirrorless camera.

a7sIISPE went so far as to issue a press release detailing the film's use of the a7S II, suggesting it won't be the last Sony production to deploy the a7S II to capture high-quality images on a deceptively low budget.

Why is it attractive? The a7S II is 4K (UHD) capable, it offers plenty of dynamic range in S-Log gamma, and it can record ProResHQ 4:2:2 when paired with the Atomos Shogun recorder. And, of course, it is known for being a great option for low-light shooting. "Not only is the α7S II right for my studio production, but it will help democratize storytelling around the world," said the film's executive producer and unit production manager, Glenn Gainor (Deliver Us from Evil, The Wedding Ringer), in the prepared statement.

For Cadaver, the α7S II was used in Red Rock Micro rig configurations with Hawk 65 anamorphic lenses, Atomos Shogun recorders, filters and an Aero 30 Steadicam from Tiffen, and EVFs and monitors from Small HD. 

Also key to cost savings were Digital Sputnik's modular LEDs, SPE said, which feature precise color-control capabilities that allowed cinematographer Lennert Hillege to dial in primary and secondary color decisions on set rather than in post. And the film eschewed traditional set construction, instead employing a new reusable set-building technology called the EmagiBlock System that allows pieces of sets to be reconfigured and repurposed, SPE said. 

Cadaver is slated for theatrical release in August.