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Branding Blur Effects with Custom Bokeh Filters

DIYers have been creating custom Bokeh filters with gaffer’s tape and other common materials for years. Typically limited to shapes, Bokeh filters could easily morph into brand logos — if you had a steady hand, a die cutter and premium gaffer’s tape. That’s the thinking from the folks at 4DSLR, which is now offering die-cut Bokeh filters of your choice for $100 a pop. The site says custom orders take about two weeks to fill. The company posted this video last month on Vimeo to introduce its custom concept. Some may find the suggested shapes here too gimmicky, but if in-camera effects are your only way to add interest or a corporate brand on tight deadlines, one of these filters, used judiciously, might just do the trick. If it’s not about the brand and you want to bring more abstraction to your shoots, the custom filter idea is also an interesting choice for on-set experiments.


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  • Phi I

    Why would anyone pay $100 for something you can make in after effects in minutes, I can not believe this outfit posted this Demo?

  • Tom A

    Great product! Can think of a dozen “ON SET” effects for this branding blur filter. If panning the logo over a complex shape, or actor’s face, the post time would be cut down to nothing to use in a composite. It would look organic. Nothing beats interactive elements created with this type of filter. The shot could of course be handed off to an effects artist and finished in AF or the like.