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Leica Summilux-C Lens Set Stolen from Focus Optics on May 6, 2014

BURBANK, CA – MAY 6, 2014 – Focus Optics, a local lens design, repair, and modification shop, was the victim of an overnight robbery at their Burbank office. The thieves managed to steal a set of highly valued Leica Summilux-C lenses, and while the Burbank Police Department is investigating, your help is also urgently needed to help track them down.

The list below includes serial numbers for each stolen lens in the set.  Please help Focus Optics circulate the list, and urge everyone you can to be on the lookout for these lenses. 

                                          Lens Description                 Serial #

18mm Leica Summilux-C


21mm Leica Summilux-C


25mm Leica Summilux-C


35mm Leica Summilux-C


40mm Leica Summilux-C


50mm Leica Summilux-C


75mm Leica Summilux-C


100mm Leica Summilux-C



Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  Please contact Focus Optics ASAP if you have any information at (818) 567-1007, or by email at stuart@focusoptics.com .

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