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Gary Rydstrom on the Strange Magic of a Career in Sound and Vision

Although it isn’t in his nature to boast, Gary Rydstrom is the only person in the world who can brag of having received seven Oscars and 17 Oscar nominations for best sound mixing and editing and an Oscar nomination for directing a … more »


Growing Groot: MPC VFX Supe Nicolas Aithadi on CG Characters

With SIGGRAPH located in Vancouver, I took advantage of the opportunity to catch up face to face with Nicolas Aithadi, visual effects supervisor at MPC for Guardians of the Galaxy. Aithadi, who has 20 films to his credit, received Oscar … more »


Director James Marcus Haney on No Cameras Allowed

James Marcus Haney's slightly wide-eyed yet big-hearted world view in the documentary No Cameras Allowed is infectious, mostly because the young filmmaker has also captured the true spirit of the music festivals he gate-crashes to attend, with and without his friends. The … more »

Nice Shoes Creative Studio

Nice Shoes’ Next Step? A New Creative Studio

After industry veteran Geraint Owen and his partners closed their award-winning production and animation house, Superfäd, in 2013, Owen came to Nice Shoes with an idea: Why not build a symbiotic creative studio within the Flatiron facility, already well known … more »

Light Iron - De Longpre Exterior

Prime Profile: Light Iron

From the day StudioDaily Prime Award winner Light Iron opened its doors in 2009, the post-production facility has been an unabashed trailblazer. The same can be said of its co-founder, Michael Cioni, whose prescient and clear vision of a file-based future … more »


Getting Hell on Wheels Under Control at Sim Digital

A lot has changed since 2009. Back then, Sim Digital was doing brisk business, renting cameras, editorial systems and other gear to film and television productions across North America. Sim had been in the rental business for nearly 30 years, … more »


Oscar-Nominated VFX Supe Richard Stammers Talks Prometheus

Richard Stammers, nominated for an Oscar for his VFX work on Prometheus, joined the Moving Picture Company (MPC) as a digital compositor for the 2001 film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone after working as a compositor and visual effects supervisor … more »


Brent Carpenter, Videographer to the (Ringo) Starr

All photos by Rob Shanahan It’s July 7, and Ringo Starr is outside Nashville’s Hard Rock Café greeting fans who want to wish him a happy 72nd birthday. On stage with him are his wife, Barbara Bach, his brother-in-law Joe Walsh, … more »


T3Media CEO Kevin Schaff on Moving Media Archiving to the Cloud

Offering a database of footage from clients including first-tier content owners like Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and National Geographic, T3Media — formerly known as Thought Equity Motion — has long been considered a fixture in the stock footage business. Now, … more »

Supervising Sound Editor Michael Benavente Joins Soundelux

Soundelux has hired Michel Benavente, whose most recent screen credit is ADR supervisor on Moneyball. His credits as supervising sound editor include No Strings Attached, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and Idiocracy. His next project is director Tim Story's Think Like … more »