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Creative-cartel is like a family

Client-Side VFX, Part One: Jenny Fulle

Jenny Fulle is a force to be appreciated. She knows this business inside and out and has formulated her business philosophy with that broad perspective. She is founder and VFX producer at Creative-Cartel – VFX. With more than 30 years … more »


A Long, Wide Look at Eastwood’s Craft

Clint Eastwood has directed 32 films to date and starred in countless others, but he rarely talks about his filmmaking process. Fans of his films, however, know more than a few things about his technique, from his use of wide … more »

Scott Ross has a kind face...but he's no pussy cat.

Scott Ross on Globalization and Other Thoughts

In the first part of this piece, Scott discussed his view of the Visual Effects Society and unions. Here he takes a smart look at the way our industry is expanding worldwide and what that means to each of us. … more »

I’m Leaving the StudioDaily Blog

It’s with a hint of sadness that I write this, my last regular blog post here on Studio Daily. I’m leaving the regular StudioDaily blogging behind as I’m going to focus that time back over at my own creation, the … more »


Next-Gen Cameras: Red Says Dragon Does Close to 20 Stops; Panavision Readies 65mm Comeback

There are no announced prices or delivery dates, just lots of buzz around new cameras from Red Digital Cinema and Panavision. First up is new info on Red's still forthcoming Dragon CMOS image sensor for the Epic. According to a … more »

Video Editors Choose Dell for Performance over Apple Mac Pro

Over the last two years, I’ve worked on numerous heavy, professional-grade video editing projects like live streaming Lollapalooza, ACL Fest and JazzFest music festivals. A project like a music festival is a tremendously demanding beast as the timelines are extremely … more »


Scott Ross, Uncensored: Part One

I”d like to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction: Scott Ross. Scott is a pioneer in this industry who has helped define the pathway of VFX development. His reputation is out there, from harsh to soft, and … more »


Five Things the Golden Globes Nominations Say About the Oscars

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association today announced the 2013 Golden Globe Award nominations. It's debatable how much of a precursor to the Academy Awards they really are, but as an annual snapshot of some of the best-loved movies of the … more »


Ikonoskop Discounts A-Cam dII Raw HD Camera Through December

With all the attention paid to raw recording formats in cameras from the industry's big guns — Red, Sony, and Canon — it's worth noting that Stockholm's Ikonoskop has its own version of the raw-format HD camera, the A-Cam dII. … more »

Scanline Vancouver

ScanlineVFX LA and Vancouver: Where the Sky Meets the Sea

As you read this, be aware that my purpose over the past couple of blogs has been to find a few VFX houses that are doing well who were willing to share a bit of information that might help others. … more »