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When Time Is on Your Side, Go ADD with Red Dragon

Red Fire Chief Jarred Land (that title means "president," for those of you not in the know) took to the forums at again last night to update users on the shipping status of new cameras and upgrades featuring the … more »


VFX Cloud Houses, Part Two: Scarecrow and Legion

My stomach does a little cringe when I think about all the artists out there who are trying to keep their heads above water after the massive purge over the last year. The unstable houses have fallen, leaving literally thousands … more »

Kong SciTech

Behind the 2014 Sci-Tech Oscars: 6 Cool Facts

1) The Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards—also known as the Sci-Tech Awards—were part of the main Academy Awards ceremony (and handed out during the commercial breaks once the Oscars were televised) until 1959, when they were presented at the Governor's … more »


Read the Oscar-Nominated Screenplays … and More Scripts from 2013 Films

One of the most welcome trends in recent Oscar seasons has been the decision by studios to publish screenplays for award contenders on the Internet. The scripts are ostensibly placed online so that Academy voters, guild members, and critics groups … more »

Bad Grandpa

2014 Oscar Nominations: 10 Fun Facts

1) According to Entertainment Weekly, director Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street is "the swearingest movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture." Ceding the crown? Director Martin Scorsese's GoodFellas. 2) You're not the only one who had never heard … more »

The Lone Ranger

Watch VFX Reels for (Almost) All of the Oscar-Shortlisted Movies

When the Oscar nominations come out on Thursday morning, only five of the 10 films shortlisted for the award will actually be left in the running for the Visual Effects Oscar. You can expect further coverage of the work that … more »


Headed for Sundance? Don’t Miss Boyhood, Linklater’s 12-Year Production

The Sundance Film Festival dropped a bit of a last-minute bombshell this morning with news that Richard Linklater's latest film, Boyhood, will premiere at the Eccles Theatre on Sunday, January 19 and then screen there again first thing Monday morning. … more »


VFX Cloud Houses: What Do You Think?

It seems everything in VFX these days is complicated and controversial. I know of several VFX houses that are, or will be, opening in the cloud. That means you work from home, wherever that may be, doing various levels of … more »


Top 10 Mac Pro Tips from Launch Day

Apple was in New York yesterday to officially launch its Mac Pro hardware. We were fortunate enough to get one of the units into the hands of a cutting-edge production facility in town, who will be putting the hardware through … more »


Straight Talk About the Cloud: Adobe Responds

Updated 12/18/13: Scroll down or click here. As promised, Bill Roberts, Adobe's director of video product management, has taken time in the limited space I've given him to address many of the questions, concerns and misconceptions about Adobe's Creative Cloud … more »