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SIGGRAPH Slates Five-Studio-Strong Session on Man of Steel’s VFX

The movies are a lot of fun, but SIGGRAPH Production Sessions are serious stuff — deep dives into the details of some of the most elaborately crafted and elegantly executed animation and visual-effects work on the biggest VFX films. The just-announced … more »


Learn to Shoot Comedy (and More) with SNL‘s DP

Alex Buono, who has worked as a contract cinematographer since 1999 for Saturday Night Live, is taking an improvisational workshop version of his weekly gig on the road. A regular speaker at user groups and conferences, Buono has no qualms discussing … more »


So … Will We See That New Mac Pro Next Week, or What?

It’s been almost a year since Apple stealth-announced a barely-there update to its line-up of Mac Pro workstations at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), frustrating users who still rely on tower-style desktop workstations — with lots of room for graphics … more »


New Bay Area Creative Pro User Group to Convene on June 5

Heads up San Francisco: There's a new Creative Pro User Group coming to town. The Bay Area Creative Pro User Group, or BACPUG (suggested pronunciations include "Bay See PUG" or "Bass-e-pug"—perhaps even "Back-pug"?), was founded recently by filmmaker Kanen Flowers, creator … more »


Defy Gimbal Challenges the Movi at a Lower Price Point

If you were scoping out camera gear at NAB, you probably saw the Movi from Freefly. Described by early users as a revolutionary handheld camera rig, the Movi is a three-axis gyro-stabilized handheld camera gimbal that keeps your camera steady … more »


Three Common Misconceptions About Adobe’s Creative Cloud

  A bit of a firestorm erupted yesterday after Adobe announced its transition to a subscription-only model for its creative applications, which are now part of a unified Creative Cloud offering. Some of Adobe's customers complained loudly about the move, … more »


Eight Technology Trends from NAB 2013

The buzzword at this year's NAB was "4K," and technology is pointing the way to our 4K future by increasing the speed, the capability, and the efficiency of the tools relied on by filmmakers and other content creators. Here are … more »

Boosting Creativity Is As Easy As “DPPO”

I just returned from the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas and the theme of the event was “The Changing Face of Media & Entertainment.” This topic seems particularly relevant due to the insatiable demand for content via traditional media … more »


Ending the VFX Crisis: What Has to Happen

UPDATE: 4/17. The past two articles have garnered an unexpectedly large number of important, articulate responses from industry people. There is as much — or more — useful information in these comments as in the original blog. I ask you to … more »


Dolby Demos the Best No-Glasses 3D Yet — But Is It Good Enough?

  If you're still thinking about buying a 3D TV in order to keep your home-theater experience up to date, don't bother. Rather, don't bother just yet — Cameron-Pace Group (CPG) joined a technology partnership with Dolby and Philips at … more »