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Get Stock Footage Tips in New York City

If you're a shooter who's sitting on a library of hard-gotten footage, you've probably thought about putting some of it up for licensing. But how to proceed? If you're not sure, mark your calendar — our friends at the Digital … more »


10 Man of Steel VFX Facts from SIGGRAPH

It turns out that 90 minutes was way too little time to spend with five facility VFX supervisors who worked on director Zack Snyder's Superman opus Man of Steel. By the time each man showed some footage and shared a … more »


Can the VFX Industry Make Hollywood Give Up Tax Subsidies?

  Can the VFX industry force Hollywood studios to give up foreign tax subsidies?    That's the question posed by VFX Soldier, an anonymous blogger and VFX pro who commissioned a Washington, D.C., law firm to investigate the issue using … more »


Heads Up: The Academy Announces Deadlines for Oscar Hopefuls

In case you need another reminder that 2013 is slowly slipping away, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just set the key submission deadlines for making projects eligible for consideration for the 86th Academy Awards, set for Sunday, … more »

Mets 3D

The Mets Meet VFX

Considering the challenging season the Mets are having, it may be time to bring back the superheroes, this time in stereo3D. That Mets mojo was in fine form on the field last year, thanks in small part to a new … more »


RedRay Ships as Affordable 4K Hits Store Shelves

It's been a big week for 4K, with the network-based RedRay Professional 4K Cinema Player shipping from Red Digital Cinema and more of Sony's new Ultra HD TV sets showing up in the real world. Red's Jarred Land took to … more »


SIGGRAPH Slates Five-Studio-Strong Session on Man of Steel’s VFX

The movies are a lot of fun, but SIGGRAPH Production Sessions are serious stuff — deep dives into the details of some of the most elaborately crafted and elegantly executed animation and visual-effects work on the biggest VFX films. The just-announced … more »


Learn to Shoot Comedy (and More) with SNL‘s DP

Alex Buono, who has worked as a contract cinematographer since 1999 for Saturday Night Live, is taking an improvisational workshop version of his weekly gig on the road. A regular speaker at user groups and conferences, Buono has no qualms discussing … more »


So … Will We See That New Mac Pro Next Week, or What?

It’s been almost a year since Apple stealth-announced a barely-there update to its line-up of Mac Pro workstations at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), frustrating users who still rely on tower-style desktop workstations — with lots of room for graphics … more »


New Bay Area Creative Pro User Group to Convene on June 5

Heads up San Francisco: There's a new Creative Pro User Group coming to town. The Bay Area Creative Pro User Group, or BACPUG (suggested pronunciations include "Bay See PUG" or "Bass-e-pug"—perhaps even "Back-pug"?), was founded recently by filmmaker Kanen Flowers, creator … more »