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Epix Movies Are Leaving Netflix, Coming to Hulu

Netflix customers soon will no longer be able to stream high-profile films like the Hunger Games movies and Transformers: Age of Extinction — while Hulu’s subscribers will be gaining access to them more »

Nielsen Is Finally Figuring Out How Many People Are Streaming Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Shows

Late last month, the creators of Netflix’s hit original series Grace and Frankie told the Television Critics Association how freeing it was to work with a company that didn’t gauge success by Nielsen ratings. more »

Wes Craven to Be Honored During MTV’s Scream Finale Tuesday

The director, known for Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street, died Sunday at age 76. more »

Wes Craven’s Favorite Scary Movies

I didn’t watch movies as a kid because my family was a member of a church that didn’t think movies were a good thing—they thought they were the work of the devil—so I didn’t see many movies until I was out of college. more »

The Too-Much-TV Debate: FX’s John Landgraf Says “We’re Choking On Our Own Abundance”

FX CEO John Landgraf rang a chime of doom at TCA earlier this month when he proclaimed that “There is simply too much television” and predicted a peak and decline in the next two years. more »

Feds Approve Paper Airplane Drone Flights

The agency issued the approval for flights of a drone that is described as a "smartphone-controlled paper airplane." In doing so, it waived requirements for FAA approval of drone flights that are operated outside of restricted airspace and below 200 feet. more »

Has the Chinese Animation Industry Finally Turned the Corner?

It’s no longer about how foreign companies can gain entry and distribution into the Chinese marketplace — it’s about the surge of Chinese investment in content and in China’s push to create world-class IP. more »

Something Rotten

Either Rotten Tomatoes makes no sense or American critics make no sense or both. more »

How Quentin Tarantino Resurrected Ultra Panavision 70 for The Hateful Eight Roadshow

Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson digs into the technical nitty-gritty of the large-format anamorphic film process that hasn't been used in nearly 50 years. more »

Weinstein Company Heads Into Awards Season Facing Executive Exits, Board Tension

As Harvey Weinstein gears up for another awards season, the company he built faces a new and challenging phase with the loss of talented top executives and tense negotiations with his board of directors over new contracts for himself and his brother, Bob. more »