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Insiders Predict Which New Shows Will Be Hits (and Flops)

If Hollywood insiders had to bet on one new show delivering a big premiere rating this fall, they would put their money on Fox’s Gotham. But many other new shows may already be in trouble. more »

AMC Entertainment Accelerates Theater Upgrades Ahead of 2015 Blockbusters

The No. 2 exhibition chain likes the early results from its initiatives to make movie-going more comfortable, engaging — and expensive. more »

Everything You Need to Know About Codecs

I’ve found a lot of confusion and mis-information around the internet about how codecs work, how the differ, and why those differences matter. Hopefully, this video/post will clear those up. more »

This Is How You Geek Out on Cinematography

If you're going to geek out on cinematography, this is the way to do it. In the first five minutes of this video, there's more wisdom about 4K than than can easily be found on the entire rest of the internet. more »

10 Things to Know About Shooting with Vintage Lenses

There has be a recent revival among vintage lenses in the photo and filmmaking community. Perhaps it’s the hip look or the affordable pricing that is driving pros to shoot and experiment with used glass. more »

Sony Expects $2 Billion Loss for Fiscal Year

The company blamed the drastic downturn on poor smartphone sales and said that it will take a $1.76 billion (JPY180 billion) impairment charge against the phones division in the second quarter. more »

Consumer 4K Products Get New 4K Logo

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has announced new logos to designate 4K Ultra High-Definition TVs, monitors and projectors for the home that meet CEA’s voluntary core characteristics for 4K Ultra HD display products announced earlier this year. more »

Apple Drops ProApps from Corporate Definition

For over 10 years, Apple have included a mention of their professional video and audio applications in their corporate definition. Like most companies, they define who they are in every press release they put out. more »

For Cinephiles, Netflix Is Less and Less an Option

A few months ago I encountered a dilemma I thought had been permanently solved in the age of everything/anywhere media: I really needed to see a particular movie, and I couldn’t find it for rent. more »

Playboy Interview: David Fincher

"I don’t like most comedies because I don’t like characters who try to win me over. I don’t like being ingratiated. I don’t like obsequiousness. I also have issues with movies where two people fall in love just because they’re the stars and their names are above the title." more »