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Daily Show Exec Team Re-Ups, Will Stay With Trevor Noah

The Daily Show may soon have a new host, but the executive team remains the same. more »

DreamWorks Animation Launches TV Channel In Thailand

The channel represents DWA’s first foray into operating its own TV network in any part of the world. more »

TV Everywhere Viewing Is Growing But Still Too Difficult to Access

How badly have cable and satellite companies botched their rollout of TV Everywhere streaming? Pretty badly, according to some data out today from Adobe. more »

KeyFlow Pro: The $299 Media Asset Manager with Final Cut Pro X integration

The problem with MAMs or Media Asset Management systems was that they were expensive and required a lot of hardware to service them. Not any more. more »

Five Ways to Improve Your Corporate Videos Right Now

Nobody said corporate videos have to be boring. If you spend just 20% more time trying to make your video better, you’ll likely find your viewership increase dramatically. more »

Weather Channel CEO Is Not Gloomy Despite Network’s 74 Percent Devaluation

David Kenny tells TheWrap that profits, mobile are growing despite parent Comcast’s downgrade and 11.2 percent drop in subscribers. more »

Netflix Refines Its DVD Business, Even as Streaming Unit Booms

Four years ago, Netflix’s chief executive said one of his greatest fears was that the company would not make the leap from DVDs to streaming. more »

Toronto Film Festival Lineup: What Did They Get?

The line-up features World Premieres from documentarian Michael Moore, Jay Roach, Nicolas Hytner, Peter Sollett, Gavin Hood, Julie Delpy, Rebecca Miller, Stephen Frears and Terence Davies. more »

Intel ‘Skylake’ Spec Leak: Up to 41 Percent Graphics Boost

Skylake, the follow-on to Broadwell, looks like it will be the most important processor update that Intel has released in a decade. more »

Red Weapon 8K Lens Options

The most interesting, and perhaps confusing, aspect of this new camera is the size of its sensor. more »