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Hollywood Studios Defend Freedom to Have Smoking in Movies Rated Suitable for Children

In response to a class-action lawsuit, MPAA members raise the First Amendment flag and warn of forced R ratings for movies with soda and fatty foods. more »

Five Tips for Creating Tension from Green Room Director Jeremy Saulnier

Judging by his track record thus far, there are a few things one can reasonably expect from a Jeremy Saulnier movie: Gorgeous, color-coded cinematography, excruciatingly realistic body trauma, and a level of tension great enough to trigger sense-memories of actual panic from the viewer's own life. more »

How Can Middle-Class Filmmakers Make a Living?

The income disparity in this country, which is the worst it's been since 1928, mirrors the current budget disparity between studio films and independent films. more »

4K Is Kinda Meh

It becomes very hard to distinguish a blow-up from the true 4K image. Why is that? more »

Digital TV Company Rovi Is Buying TiVo in $1.1 Billion Deal

Digital TV listing company Rovi is buying TiVo in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $1.1 billion. more »

Fox Movie Studio Pulls Out of Comic-Con Main Event over Piracy Fears

The studio feels it cannot prevent the piracy of custom trailers and exclusive footage routinely screened for fans in attendance. more »

In a Reversal, YouTube Will Let Videos under Copyright Dispute Earn Revenue

Texas Cut the Budget for Film Incentives. Now Filmmakers Are Leaving to Shoot Elsewhere.

A year ago big cuts hit Texas’ film incentive program, and now the industry is starting to feel it. more »

TCM and Criterion to Offer Streaming Service

Film buffs soon will have a new viewing option for contemporary and classic movies with the start of a streaming service called FilmStruck this fall. more »

Academy Asks Members for Résumés to Determine Voting Eligibility

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has begun the process of vetting its members to determine whether or not they qualify as "active" under the Academy's recently approved rules. more »