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Independence Day: Resurgence Bombs with Extinction-Level $41M Weekend

There is a certain irony in the fact that 20th Century Fox will be counting on the rest of the world to pull Independence Day: Resurgence out of the box office fire. more »

At Cannes, the Ad Industry Confronts the Rise of Facebook

The invasion has begun. more »

Will There Be Any Good News for the BBC, Channel 4 and the Press after Brexit?

Will the BBC be forced to drop the first word of its name? more »

Cinema Eye Names Semifinalists for Nonfiction Filmmaking for Television

Now entering its tenth year, Cinema Eye, the organization that recognizes outstanding work in nonfiction film, today announced the ten films that have been named as semifinalists for Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Filmmaking for Television. more »

EU Referendum Result “Devastating” for UK Film and TV

As the UK votes decisively to leave the European Union, the film and TV sectors are in limbo. more »

CBS, Paramount Tell Star Trek Fans How They Can Make Fan Films Without Getting Sued

In the midst of a lawsuit targeting a crowdfunded film, the two studios give 10 conditions. more »

Samsung Now Shipping New Go-Pro Alternative 360° Camera

Samsung's answer to the GoPro is set at $350 and will be released on a wider basis later this year. more »

Apple Discontinues Its Big Beautiful Thunderbolt Display

Apple hasn’t updated its Thunderbolt display in five years, and now it won’t be selling it either. more »

James Earl Jones Will Play Darth Vader Again in Star Wars: Rogue One

Kathleen Kennedy said that fans will see very little of Vader in “Rogue One,” but that when he does appear, it will come at a very important moment in the film. more »

Jeff Robinov Movie Under Investigation After 5 Dead Bison Used During Filming

On April 27, five bison carcasses were arranged on the set of the Ice Age film The Solutrean in Alberta, Canada, for a scene that takes place after a hunting expedition. more »