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Steve Jobs Among Weekend Box Office Flops

A frightening showing at the box office this weekend featured five disappointments--including two of the biggest flops in history. more »

Suffragette Latest Oscar Hopeful to Get Smacked by Studio Behemoths

Studio pictures are grabbing away adult eyeballs. more »

10 Documentary Shorts Make Oscar Shortlist

The films are for the most part dead-serious looks at tough subjects, including “Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah,” about the French director who made the landmark Holocaust documentary Shoah. more »

Actor Maureen O’Hara dies aged 95

The actor Maureen O’Hara, famed for her flaming red hair and her role in The Quiet Man, has died aged 95. more »

Hollywood Slugger Warner Bros. Strikes Out at 2015 Box Office

Only two of the studio’s 21 releases have topped $100 million domestically in a year marred by three major bombs. more »

Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx to Tour, Years After Death, as Holograms

“They’re comedy icons,” said Alki David, the founder and chief executive of Hologram USA. “Both of them influenced so many comedians after them.” more »

What Do You Do When ISIS Steals Your Photo?

The Internet is teeming with copyright infringement these days, and there are various ways for photographers to get stolen photos taken down and paid for by the offenders. But what happens when the offender is a UN-designated terrorist organization? more »

At the Bench: Sennheiser AVX Audio System

What makes this system unique is the fact that it is able to set its own levels. Camera operators in “one-man-band” situations can now be confident that the audio they are recording will be pro quality and at optimal levels. more »

How YouTube Red Puts the Squeeze on Netflix

The Google-owned video platform on Wednesday unveiled YouTube Red, a venture into subscription video on demand. For $9.99, users will be able to browse videos on YouTube ad free. more »

YouTubers Are Up in Arms About YouTube Red

The past 24 hours have been a tortured 24 hours for YouTube professionals and their fans. more »