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Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos on How His ‘Disruptive’ Methods Are Insuring the Future of Film

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has a vision for the future of movies – and, not surprisingly, streaming is at the heart of it. more »

Cary Fukunaga in Talks to Direct HBO Stanley Kubrick Mini Napoleon, from Steven Spielberg

The True Detective Emmy winner is in talks to direct, while David Leland will pen the miniseries based on Stanley Kubrick's unfinished Napoleon project. more »

Terry Gilliam on finally filming Don Quixote: ‘Adam Driver is bankable! Thank God for Star Wars!’

The director speaks in Cannes about the ‘disease’ of trying to shoot Cervantes’s book, casting man-of-the-moment Driver, and the guilt he feels about the shoot for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. more »

San Francisco Official Says City Is in Talks with Lucas on Museum

San Francisco is making another case for Star Wars creator George Lucas to build his museum on the West Coast, floating an alternative site with potentially far fewer hurdles. more »

Cinemark Theatre Chain Not Liable in 2012 Colorado Movie Massacre

The owners of a Colorado movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people during the screening of a Batman film in 2012 are not liable for the mass shooting. more »

Morley Safer, Mainstay of 60 Minutes, Is Dead at 84

Morley Safer, a CBS television correspondent who brought the horrors of the Vietnam War into the living rooms of America in the 1960s and was a mainstay of the network’s newsmagazine 60 Minutes for almost five decades, died on Thursday at his home in Manhattan. more »

Facebook Premieres Its First 360-Degree Film About NYC’s Grand Central Station

Facebook unveiled its $30,000 360-degree camera, the Surround 360, last month and now it’s showing off just how useful it can be in a new specially-produced short film called ‘Here and Now.’ more »

We Should Be Talking About Torture in VR

By hacking together a pair of VR headsets, a group of artists and DIY neuroscientists discovered that they could create empathy between two strangers. more »

The BBC Is Reportedly Planning a ‘Britflix’ Competitor to Netflix

The BBC is pushing forward with plans for a subscription streaming service that'd rival offerings from Netflix and Amazon, and it has an adorable working title: Britflix. more »

Rainmaker Loses $10 Million on Ratchet & Clank, Blames Disney For Failure

A logical step for many mid-sized animation/vfx production shops who wish to expand beyond the role of service provider for major film studios is to produce their own intellectual property — or at least develop branded content in which they have a financial stake. more »