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Emmy Awards Attract 15.6 Million Viewers, Second-Biggest Audience in Eight Years

Monday's awards show on NBC was the most-watched night on any network since this year's Oscars. more »

Emmy Awards: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

If one were looking only at the results of the Emmys last night, one might get a distinct sense of deja vu: outside of the TV movie and miniseries categories, all of the programming and acting awards went to previous winners. more »

VMA Ratings Drop: Bring Back the Twerking Bears

According to Nielsen, the annual awards telecast had 8.3 million viewers—that’s down about 18 percent from last year. more »

Netflix Slams “Disrupting” Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger to FCC

They may have come up empty-handed at last night’s 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, but Netflix was thinking about the future on Monday. The future of broadband and Internet access that is. more »

Instagram Debuts Simple App for Creating Time-Lapse Videos

Continuing Facebook's multi-app strategy, Instagram on Tuesday debuted a standalone app that turns video recordings into sped-up timelapses. more »

Box office: Guardians on Top, If I Stay 3rd, Sin City Crashes

The weekend’s biggest shock perhaps was the estimated $6.5-million opening for Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. "We're all very disappointed. We weren't prepared for this level of rejection," said Erik Lomis, head of distribution for the Weinstein Co. more »

550 Buyouts, Layoffs Imminent at Turner

Some 550 buyouts are to be offered at Time Warner's Turner network this week, including a large number of those at CNN and HLN, which will lead to layoffs if they are not taken voluntarily. more »

The Simpsons Marathon Launches with Biggest Day in FXX History

The 12-day marathon — featuring all 552 Simpsons episodes plus The Simpsons Movie — scored its best numbers so far in prime time Thursday, netting slightly more than 1 million viewers. more »

Cersei Lannister’s Big Game of Thrones Nude Scene Might Not Happen

The problem is one of permits and the local church. Game Of Thrones is currently shooting in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Producers have already gotten permission and the necessary permits to shoot everything they need, except for one scene. more »

More Life for Your Mac Pro

Most Apple fans drool at the new Mac Pro “tube” computers, but for many, such a purchase simply isn’t viable. Many editors are still opting to get as much life as possible out of their existing Mac Pro towers. more »