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Vice Media Will Launch a 24-hour TV Channel in Canada in 2015

Digital powerhouse Vice Media and cable provider Rogers Communications Inc. will team up to launch a Canadian production studio and TV channel aimed at millennials, the companies announced. Rogers CEO Guy Laurence and Vice CEO Shane Smith held a press event this morning to announce the $100 million joint venture. more »

How Scorpion Became CBS’s Highest-Rated Drama

You don't have to be a super-genius to know that CBS's’ new drama Scorpion is a big hit in the early going. And it's doing even better than the most-watched network that houses it ever anticipated as it's the highest-rated drama series on the network. more »

Where Will the Next Big Movie Fright Come From?

The biggest horror film of the moment is Ouija, a knackered, critically reviled Hasbro franchise that half-heartedly hits all the beats you’d expect it to and then limps away again. That’s it. That’s the big Halloween release. more »

Halloween Weekend Looks Like Graveyard

Neither Jack Gyllenhaal's Nightcrawler, the Colin Firth-Nicole Kidman thriller Before I Go To Sleep nor a Saw re-release is expected to crack $10 million. more »

DreamWorks Animation Posts Improved Earnings in Third Quarter

The results easily exceeded what analysts were expecting for DreamWorks Animation. more »

Revealed: The $307 Million Cost of Disney’s John Carter

Recently released documents reveal that Britain’s tax authority paid Disney $42.9 million towards the cost of making the movie, which became one of its biggest flops. more »

MPAA and National Association of Theatre Owners Ban Google Glass, Other Wearable Tech

On Wednesday, the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners adopted a zero-tolerance policy against wearable technologies, such as Google Glass. more »

International Documentary Association Nominations Impact the Oscar Shortlist

The International Documentary Association Award nominations have influence on the doc Oscar race. Several key contenders did not land feature nominations. more »

HBO Job Cuts: 150 Staffers Will Be Laid Off This Week

The HBO layoffs are part of Turner's 10% across-the-board cuts happening throughout the company. more »

Marvel Announces Nine New Movies, Including Black Panther and More Avengers

Did everyone feel that just now? It was the Earth’s mantle cracking from the impact of a cultural carpet-bombing by Marvel. more »