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How I Met Your Mother Lowers Its Curtain to a Packed House

Wrapping up an unusual format for a comedy — a series-long storyline told in flashback — the comedy attracted 12.9 million viewers, above its previous high of 12.7 million. more »

CNN Hits Near Low in Q1 Ratings, Fox News on Top Again

They may have had a March ratings surge with their constant coverage of the missing Malaysian Airliner but it wasn’t enough to save CNN from one of its worst quarterly primetime results ever. more »

Discovery to Strand Contestants in Wilderness for Live Reality Show

Viewers will be able to track contestants' progress via a live 24/7 webcam, while survivalists can ask the TV audience to send help. more »

Orson Welles’ Camera and Citizen Kane Scripts to Be Auctioned

The youngest daughter of the director and writer Orson Welles is giving film buffs a chance to buy some of his personal possessions, including a camera, scripts and photos from the set of Citizen Kane. more »

Sony Reveals Firmware Version 4.0 for F5 & F55

The update contains some much-requested enhancements, namely picture cache and support for user generated 3D LUTs. more »

Noah Rides Controversy to $44 Million Box-Office Triumph

Darren Aronofsky's adaptation of the Old Testament tale surged on Saturday and finished well ahead of expectations that had been tempered by months of negative buzz — mainly from church groups wary of the Black Swan director's edgy style and reports that the film strayed too far from Scripture. more »

AMC’s Walking Dead Finale Draws Whopping 15.7 Million Viewers

There is no slowing down AMC’s The Walking Dead, which generated record finale numbers as it closed its fourth season Sunday night. more »

Is YouTube Risking a Creative Exodus?

The site's stars say advertisers have turned their lives into a never-ending production treadmill. Can Google fix its most valuable property before it sells its soul? more »

Using Sony’s 2K Optical Low-Pass Filter on the F5 and F55

Normally, a low pass filter is used to reduce the effects of moiré and aliasing. The F5 and F55, however, don’t suffer as much from these effects due to their much smaller pixel pitch. The main use for an optical low pass filter in this case is to soften the image, giving it a more “filmic” look. more »

Adobe Premiere Pro and Multiple GPUs

Apple’s inclusion of dual GPUs in every model of their new Mac Pro has caused a bit of a stir (and confusion) among video editors wondering if their NLE of choice can take advantage of them. more »