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Motionnine Cube Cage for the BMPCC & a Cube Pocket Limited Edition Coming to IBC 2014

If you were one of the many that managed to pick up a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera during their bargain bin sale then you may like to kit it out with a Motionnine Cube Cage. The cage comes with an external 14.4 V battery to keep that Pocket Camera running. more »

Visual-Effects Artists Urge Tariffs to Fight Runaway Production

Their plight has drawn the attention of Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Calif.), who aims to add language to pending tax-incentives legislation urging the federal government to impose sanctions, including tariffs, as a way to combat “unfair and illegal competition” from other countries. more »

Doug Liman to Receive Japanese Government Award for Edge of Tomorrow

Doug Liman will receive an award from the Japanese government for bringing Japanese content to a worldwide audience. more »

Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Movie Will Shoot After Christmas with Modernized Plot

After nearly two decades of aborted attempts and frustration, Terry Gilliam seems like he will finally bring The Man Who Killed Don Quixote to life. more »

How Much Is Too Much? Nine Major Superhero Movies Scheduled to Be Released in 2017

After years of playing catch-up to Marvel Studios, yesterday Warner Bros. announced an ambitious plan for its slate of DC superhero movies, plotting 10 blockbusters to land between 2016 and 2020. Is Hollywood flying too close to the sun, threatening to fatigue audiences with superhero sagas? more »

How to Create a Time-Lapse Dolly Zoom

You don’t have to be a photography expert to shoot time-lapse video, all you need is a camera, tripod, and some time. more »

Porn Production Plummets in Los Angeles

A drop in porn production follows passage in 2012 of an L.A. County law mandating condom use by performers. Porn producers are taking their business to other counties, as well as Nevada, Florida and Eastern Europe. more »

Look Out Netflix: Time Warner May Make HBO GO A Gateway For Others’ Streaming Video

HBO‘s online platform could also offer videos from Time Warner‘s Turner networks, Warner Bros, “and, frankly, other networks,” CEO Jeff Bewkes told analysts today. more »

Color Version of Nebraska that Alexander Payne Hoped Would Never Be Seen to Show on Epix

Epix, the multi-platform (premium cable, satellite and streaming) movie company co-owned by Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate, is promoting carefully-crafted spots for its initial showings of Alexander Payne's acclaimed Nebraska premiering this Sunday night. To the surprise of Payne and his team, some of these will be in color. more »

Werner Herzog on His Unique Career, Clowns, and Getting Punk’d by Mel Brooks

If you gaze into Werner Herzog talking about Werner Herzog for long enough, does Werner Herzog gaze back into you? I pondered that question in late June as the 71-year-old director sat across from me at a conference table in the Santa Monica offices of Shout! Factory, the production house behind the newly released Herzog: The Collection. more »