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How to Create a Time-Lapse Dolly Zoom

You don’t have to be a photography expert to shoot time-lapse video, all you need is a camera, tripod, and some time. more »

Porn Production Plummets in Los Angeles

A drop in porn production follows passage in 2012 of an L.A. County law mandating condom use by performers. Porn producers are taking their business to other counties, as well as Nevada, Florida and Eastern Europe. more »

Look Out Netflix: Time Warner May Make HBO GO A Gateway For Others’ Streaming Video

HBO‘s online platform could also offer videos from Time Warner‘s Turner networks, Warner Bros, “and, frankly, other networks,” CEO Jeff Bewkes told analysts today. more »

Color Version of Nebraska that Alexander Payne Hoped Would Never Be Seen to Show on Epix

Epix, the multi-platform (premium cable, satellite and streaming) movie company co-owned by Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate, is promoting carefully-crafted spots for its initial showings of Alexander Payne's acclaimed Nebraska premiering this Sunday night. To the surprise of Payne and his team, some of these will be in color. more »

Werner Herzog on His Unique Career, Clowns, and Getting Punk’d by Mel Brooks

If you gaze into Werner Herzog talking about Werner Herzog for long enough, does Werner Herzog gaze back into you? I pondered that question in late June as the 71-year-old director sat across from me at a conference table in the Santa Monica offices of Shout! Factory, the production house behind the newly released Herzog: The Collection. more »

Using Wide DR Gamma with the Canon C100 and C300

As its name suggests, the Wide DR gamma setting allows users to capture a wider dynamic range than traditional Rec709-based gammas. Technically, it falls between Rec709 and Log, so while Log recordings require a post grade, Wide DR gives you the option to record more dynamic range from the sensor without needing to post grade your footage. more »

Lionsgate Granted Restraining Order over Expendables 3 Leak

A California judge orders six torrent sites to stop distributing the Sylvester Stallone film. more »

CBS, NBC Evening Newscasts Suffer Worst July Sweep in Demo Since 1991

ABC's World News With Diane Sawyer took the July sweep and was the only one of the three to rise in the demo. Coupled with a May sweep victory, this marks the first time in seven years that ABC's evening newscast won consecutive sweep periods. more »

U.S. Home Entertainment Spending Flat in First Half of 2014

U.S. consumer spending in the first half of the year was essentially flat with last year, but the shift toward digital distribution is becoming increasingly pronounced. more »

Live Streaming Pioneer Shuts Down As Company Focuses on Twitch was one of the first live video streaming sites. Seven years after its founding and ahead of a rumored acquisition, it is shutting down. more »