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NAB 2014 Video: Codex Digital

Codex's Sarah Priestnall says one workflow for every camera is the best policy, describing Phantom, Red and VariCam workflows, and shows the tiny Codex Action Cam, designed for VFX and witness-camera applications.


Shooting Zero Dark Thirty: 10 Tidbits from the Trenches

With awards season running at full throttle, much ink has been spilled about the political implications of Zero Dark Thirty. The controversy has nearly overshadowed director Kathryn Bigelow's pulse-quickening achievement in translating the boots-on-the-ground details of the CIA's long-running manhunt … more »

Codex Travels the Globe with Zero Dark Thirty

London, UK – 24 January 2013 – Codex digital cinema technology continues to prove its metal under the most challenging production conditions. Its latest test came on Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow’s gripping telling of the hunt for Osama bin … more »


Codex Digital Ships its Vault for On-Set Processing, Storage, and Archiving

If you're developing an on-set media-management workflow for high-end digital cameras like the ARRI Alexa and the Sony F65, add the Codex Vault, now shipping from Codex Digital, to your potential shopping list.  In its most basic configuration, the $20,000 Vault … more »


Game of Thrones Goes Tapeless for Season 2

Like the impending arrival of winter in the fictional land of Westeros, a new season of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones is on the horizon. The show’s first season recorded ARRI Alexa footage to tape, but HBO went completely … more »

ARRI Unveils Alexa

Los Angeles, CA, April 6,2010–At the Director’s Guild of America, ARRI unveiled Alexa, which the company is calling “the first model in a new generation of digital cameras for feature, television, commercial, documentary, music video production and more.” A prototype … more »

BandPro Showcases New Technologies

At BandPro Film & Digital‘s annual open house and holiday get-together in Burbank, dubbed One World on HD, vendors showcased products; clients mingled, and the festivities included Mexican food, margaritas and drawings for prizes. On the show floor, three companies … more »

Welcome to my world…

If you read Studio Daily, Studio Monthly and/or Film & Video, you have probably read some of the articles I’ve written for those publications over the years. And now I’m blogging, which will allow me to throw out the choicest … more »