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Star Wars Toys

Plastic Galaxy Trailer

The epic saga of the people who built the first Star Wars action figures and the generation who coveted and collected them. The film is now available from Amazon on DVD or on-demand at Vimeo.


Hazel Baird on Shifting Perspectives in World War II from Space

Hazel Baird, director of motion graphics for History Channel's World War II from Space, had never designed a show before that had so much CG in it. But Baird, a freelance motion graphics designer for Prime Focus, was hardly daunted by the challenge … more »

Side by Side

Digital-Transition Doc Side by Side Gets Archived … on Film

  Oh, the irony! The 2012 documentary Side by Side, which is all about the relatively sudden transition away from film to digital image capture, is being preserved for the ages … on Kodak intermediate film stock.    Kodak is … more »


CinemAbility Director Jenni Gold on Hollywood and Disabilities

CinemAbility is a new documentary looking at how films and television shows have portrayed disabilities through history. Combining interviews with actors (including Geena Davis, Gary Sinise, Marlee Matlin, and William H. Macy) with supporting film clips (from titles such as … more »


Director Joshua Oppenheimer on the Unique The Act of Killing

Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing is like no other film ever made. Executive produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog, it explores the millions of murders of “communists” — basically an umbrella term for anyone the government didn’t like … more »


Five Questions: From Queens to Cairo Director Sherif Sadek

The Egyptian-American filmmaker Sherif Sadek couldn't be in Cairo as the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 got under way, but he made sure he was there a year later, with both his family and his Nikon D7000 DSLR in tow. The … more »


Sarah Polley on Secrets, Super 8, and Stories We Tell

Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell, which opens in New York this week, explores the Canadian actor/director’s family history in a style that melds documentary interviews with fictional home movie interludes. She mines the lives of her parents for melodrama, as … more »


At Sea with the Intense, Immersive Doc Leviathan

Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel’s Leviathan raises the bar for documentary filmmaking: it’s closer to 2001: A Space Odyssey than the typical non-fiction film. Shot with a variety of video cameras, including the extremely small GoPro, it depicts life onboard … more »


Kenny Stoff on Shooting Dave Grohl’s Sundance Doc Sound City

Housed in a pair of nondescript warehouse structures in Van Nuys, California, Sound City Studios hardly had the outward appearance of a rock and roll Mecca. Yet for 40 years, it served as the launching pad for some of the … more »


Academy Announces Documentary Shortlist

Following a controversy-fraught screening season in which members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' (AMPAS) documentary branch waded through well over 100 DVD copies of eligible films, AMPAS has pared its for-your-consideration shortlist to just 15 titles. … more »