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GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

Robust-but-inexpensive camera maker GoPro has long understood that user-generated content is its best advertising. This widely shared clip showing a GoPro-equipped firefighter rescuing and reviving a tiny kitten is a poignant and inspiring example of humanity on its best behavior. … more »


Driving Fast Cars, Riding Fast Bikes and Hanging Out with the GoPro HERO3

As an editor and someone who lives and works predominantly in post-production, I rarely get to do cool shoot-related stuff like hang out of helicopters or travel to a tropical island to get that perfect shot in that perfect location. … more »

GoPro is About Experiences: Stories from Sonoma Raceway

GoPro talks often about how it isn't just a camera company that makes cameras for capturing images but is also a camera company that makes cameras to capture experiences. How they accomplish this, beyond just marketing hype, is actually very interesting. … more »