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Cinematographer Claudio Miranda on Oblivion and Life of Pi

Already well-known for his work with director David Fincher, including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, cinematographer Claudio Miranda saw his career reach a new peak this year with an Oscar win for Life of Pi, which he shot in stereo … more »


Director Ang Lee and Editor Tim Squyres on Life of Pi

After finishing Life of Pi, his eleventh film made in collaboration with editor Tim Squyres, ACE, Oscar-winning director Ang Lee's ideas about the role of the film editor are changing. "The editor for a movie like this is not just [doing] … more »


Rhythm & Hues: A Brief History of Animal CGI

Online video essayist Kevin B. Lee created this montage of VFX breakdowns showing a decade's progression of CG creature work from the famed Rhythm & Hues Studios, whose VFX supervisor Bill Westenhofer won an Oscar last night for his work … more »


VFX Supervisor Bill Westenhofer on Life of Pi

Bill Westenhofer’s Oscar nomination for the visual effects in Life of Pi is his third Academy Award nomination and fourth BAFTA nomination. In 2008, he received a visual effects Oscar and a BAFTA award for his work on The Golden … more »


Tim Squyres on Life of Pi

If you're a fan of film editor Tim Squyres' regular work with director Ang Lee, carve out some time for this interview, posted by Avid, covering his work with visual effects shots in Life of Pi, audio mixing in the … more »


Digital Projection Shines at One Festival Screening, Shuts Down Another

What's the state of the art in 3D projection? For Ang Lee's Life of Pi, which premiered last Friday in the New York Film Festival's (NYFF) cavernous Alice Tully Hall, it's two Christie CP4230 DLP Cinema projectors running in tandem … more »


Life of Pi Trailer

This new trailer for Life of Pi, which opens in 3D on November 21, reveals a visual high-water mark for Director Ang Lee, DP Claudio Miranda (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), VFX shop Rhythm and Hues and the Moving … more »