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DP Andrew Shulkind on Demoing Kubrick’s f/0.7 Lens Kit

Glass is at the heart of cinematography. And while every lens on the planet may be unique, at least if you measure its optics to some sufficiently minute degree of accuracy, some lenses are more special than others. And cinematographer … more »


Shoot Like Kubrick with These Rare Zeiss f/0.7 Lenses

If you know much about Stanley Kubrick's methodology, you've probably heard about the special, super-fast lenses that he used to shoot candlelit scenes in Barry Lyndon (1975) — they were Zeiss f/0.7 lenses originally developed for a NASA project to take … more »

NAB 2012: P+S Technik

Michael Erkelenz shows the new PS-Cam X35, which offers high-speed and standard shooting modes.Click here for more NAB video.

P+S TECHNIK to Launch New Micro-Compact 3D Rig at NAB 2012

P+S TECHNIK will introduce a new "ultra compact" 3D rig at NAB that aims to compress standard 3D rig functionality into a versatile and extremely mobile configuration weighing under 4 kilograms. The PS-Micro Rig is designed to work with smaller … more »