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NAB 2014 Video: Nvidia

It's all about speed and efficiency as Nvidia's Greg Estes talks GPU-enabled real-time debayering of 6K Red Dragon footage inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


Microsoft Positions Surface Pro 2 for 4K Workflow

Microsoft made a play for the content creation market yesterday, when it positioned its forthcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet as a full-fledged mobile workstation with horsepower to spare. Specifically, Microsoft Surface General Manager Panos Panay [pictured, top] showed off … more »


Next-Gen Cameras: Red Says Dragon Does Close to 20 Stops; Panavision Readies 65mm Comeback

There are no announced prices or delivery dates, just lots of buzz around new cameras from Red Digital Cinema and Panavision. First up is new info on Red's still forthcoming Dragon CMOS image sensor for the Epic. According to a Reduser.net … more »