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Scott Ross has a kind face...but he's no pussy cat.

Scott Ross on Globalization and Other Thoughts

In the first part of this piece, Scott discussed his view of the Visual Effects Society and unions. Here he takes a smart look at the way our industry is expanding worldwide and what that means to each of us. … more »


Scott Ross, Uncensored: Part One

I”d like to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction: Scott Ross. Scott is a pioneer in this industry who has helped define the pathway of VFX development. His reputation is out there, from harsh to soft, and … more »

Saving Our American VFX Industry: A Baker’s Dozen Rules for Long-Term Viability

Can the industry be saved here in the US? Of course it can. Lots of things can be done. The question is, what can a VFX house do to insure its existence for the long term? I've been interviewing lots … more »