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AJA Rovocam

New AJA RovoCam Boasts One-Cable Connectivity

AJA expanded its reach in the camera market with RovoCam, a new block camera aimed at broadcast, industrial, corporate and security customers. The AJA RovoCam is really a Sony FCB-ER8300 camera block coupled with an AJA-designed HDBaseT interface supporting uncompressed … more »

Sony PXW-FS5

Review: Sony PXW-FS5

In the past several years, Sony has created an impressive lineup of digital cameras, especially with their mirrorless full-frame α series (α7S II, α7R II) and professional XDCAM camcorders. Last year’s PXW-FS7 XDCam camcorder (MSRP: $9,599) was a big hit among … more »

Pre Vis Action

Gareth Evans’ Pre Vis Action

The creators of the wildly violent, R-rated martial arts extravaganzas The Raid and The Raid 2: Berandal set out to see if they could create an action scene that could capture the kinetic energy of their earlier work without all the blood and broken bones. … more »

Sony FS7 Firmware Update

Sony Updates FS5 with Internal/External Recording

Sony has released a 1.1 firmware update for the PXW-FS5, the company's smaller Super 35 companion to the FS7 shipped late last year. One of several promised firmware updates for the FS5—culminating at a future date in full 4K recording—the download … more »

sony pxw-x400

Sony PXW-X400 Adds XAVC-Long 60p, Improves Networking and Balance

The latest XDCAM is the PXW-X400, a new shoulder-mount HD 10-bit 4:2:2 camcorder with a 2/3-inch three-chip Exmor CMOS imager. It's aimed at ENG and field production. Supported formats include XAVC-Long GOP at 50p and 59.94p as well as a … more »


Sony Launches All-4K YouTube Channel Highlighting Its Cameras

Sony launched a new YouTube channel, Sony4K, dedicated to collecting examples of 4K and UHD cinematography captured with Sony cameras and behind-the-scenes information about how the cameras work, and techniques and best practices for capturing 4K content. Sony4K will combine … more »


Sony Surprises IBC with α7S II

Sony surprised attendees at IBC with the announcement of the α7S II mirrorless camera, the brand-new follow-up to the low-light wonder it first revealed on the stage at NAB 2014. The α7S II records full-frame 4K UHD (3840×2160) video internally with full pixel … more »


Sony Launches Portable RAIDs at IBC

Sony announced a Professional RAID line of portable hard disk arrays IBC, along with a new 256 GB SxS PRO+ memory card.  The PSZ-RA4T (4TB) and PSZ-RA6T (6TB) units include USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 2 connectivity and can be configured in … more »


Sony Introduces PXW-FS5 Super 35 Handheld Camcorder

Sony has downsized the FS7 with the new PXW-FS5 Super 35 handheld camcorder. A smaller variation on the same style of camera body, the FS5 is a less expensive option (and direct competitor to Canon's C100) that Sony is aiming at … more »

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Going Off Grid to Archive the Planet in 4K

Olivier Chiabodo is a French doctor turned television presenter on a far-reaching yet specific mission: to diagnose, maintain and potentially heal the contours and biodiversity of the planet as one would a human patient. The director of The Explorers Network, … more »