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GenArts Sapphire

GenArts Appoints New CEO, Releases Updates to Sapphire 8 and 9

GenArts, maker of the Sapphire and Monster GT motion graphics effects suites for mograph artists, editors and compositors, has appointed George Naspo as its new president and CEO. In a statement, the company said Naspo, a former CEO of both startups and more mature businesses, will … more »


Noise Industries Releases FxFactory 4

Noise Industries has announced version 4 of its effects plug-in platform and suite, the first one to support Adobe Premiere Pro. Formerly only for users of Final Cut Pro, Motion and Adobe After Effects, many popular FX Factory plug-ins now … more »

Why wondertouch Particles Matter to GenArts

A few hours ago, GenArts announced that it had purchased wondertouch, makers of the particleIllusion particles emitter plug-in. The news won’t come as a surprise to Sapphire users who have long wished that particles technology would become part of the … more »

GenArts and Lucasfilm Deepen Relationship

Visual effects plug-in software company GenArts Inc. deepened its long-standing relationship with Lucasfilm in an effort to “advance the state of the art of technology for visual effects and compositing across a wide range of entertainment media.” “As visual effects … more »