Cinematographer Mikael Lubtchansky has developed Foolcontrol iOS and OS X software for remote control of Red Digital Cinema cameras.

Before it can be used with an iOS device, Foolcontrol requires some way to get the camera on the same network as the device, such as a Red Ethernet-Lemo cable connected to a GigE router, a Redlink Bridge or an Offhollywood Hotlink or Hotbox wi-fi module. Once connected, the app includes a full range of camera controls, including a big, touch-friendly focus ring, an array of status displays, the ability to set camera looks and grade with curves, playback control, and more. A demo video, below, shows it in action.

The iOS app, which launched last month, is $170 in the App Store. Lubtchansky says the price may increase with the next major update, although updates for existing users will be free, and he's promising to announce the price hike on before it happens.

The OS X version of the app, which debuted at NAB this year and has received regular updates since, offers more detailed options for controlling the camera system, setting recording parameters (format, frame rate, HDR, etc), accessing histograms, gamma curves, exposure tools, and more. Foolcontrol will simulate any button-press as if it came from the physical camera itself, including shutting it down. With a Blackmagic Design Decklink PCIe or UltraStudio, the image can be monitored via Thunderbolt. Watch the video demo, below, to see more of what it can do.

The OS X license is sold separately from the iOS app. It can be locked to a single Scarlet or Epic camera for $99 or $199, respectively. Alternately, a universal per-user license with no camera limitations is available for $419.

More information and a variety of demo videos are available at Lubtchansky's Foolcolor website; he keeps the community posted on upgrades (and takes some requests) in separate threads for the iOS version and the OS X version.