Time stutters, stands still, and reverses in this carefully conceived, beautifully staged short story in miniature from A$AP Rocky, director Frank Lebon, and DP Molly Manning Walker. (If you’re wondering why it doesn’t sound like A$AP Rocky, that’s partly because he’s really digging into a sample of Tame Impala’s 2010 cut “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?”)


Naomi – Kesewa Aboah
Rocky – A$AP Rocky

Director – Frank Lebon
Producers – Anastasia Ehrich, Nat Baring
Cinematographer – Molly Manning Walker
Production Designer – Lauren Nikrooz
Choreographer – Nathan Mitchell
Vfx – Ysabel King, Cécile Ceppi
Colorist – Joseph Bicknell
Offline Editor – Rory Maclean
Sound Designer – Will Berger
Associate Producer – Claudia Poulter
Production Manager – Dylan Shelton
Production Coordinator – Taylor Petry
1st AD – Jessica Wofford
2nd AD – Alex Sakazanas

1st AC – James Regan
2nd AC – James Lamberg
Playback Op – Mikey Krzyzanowski

Casting Directors – Chandler Kennedy, Carmen Rosy Hall

Gaffer – Lyon Taylor
BB Electric – Keagan Fuller
Electric – Luke Provenzano, John Guillen
Key Grip – Rob Fattorini
BB Grip – Andrew Gritzke
Grip – Shauna Terruso
Generator Op – Eric Jensen
G/E Driver – Kelly Beam

Art Coordinator – Alvin Manalo
Leadman – Eugene Choi
Props Assist. – Syd Richardson
Art Assist. – Uriel Fox
Carpenter – Abdul Barks
SFX – Brian Schuley

Stylist – Zara Mirkin
Wardrobe Assists. – Zoey Radford Scott, Spencer Singer
Make Up Artist – Andrew Colvin
Make Up Assists. – Shay Garcia, Maggie Mondanile
Hair Stylist – Nero
Hair Assists. – Yukie Yamasaki, Kenichi Bando
Manicurist – Gina Epolito

Location Manager – Jonathan Groom
Motorhome Driver – Christopher Ibanez
Production Assists. Truck – Andy John, Tony Lamboy
Production Assists. – Olivia Hunt, Ryan Stanton, Janill Urbino
Craft Service – Benn Goldschein

Scratchy – Aaron Parker
Bouncer – Curtis Ashley

Special Thanks To: Havana Laffitte, Jah Allmighty

Production Company – Camera Club