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Redrawing Taylor Swift

NOT just another Taylor Swift video. 49 Australian animation students were each handed a different 52 frames of director Mark Romanek's "Shake It Off" music video and instructed to roto their own hand-drawn footage to replace the original. Things get weird quickly. Credits DESN2801: … more »


A Subway Delay Story

Ever waited for-EVER on a New York subway platform to catch your train? Watch how the MTA uses retro CG imagery to show the bigger picture behind subway delays.


EmpTV Cribs Stormtrooper Edition

This Star Wars-themed spoof shows why it's good to be a Stormtrooper—but also that Darth Vader can really kill a party. 


Elle Sasson: Fashionable Animal

Fashion shoots generally command high-resolution digital equipment for high-gloss images. But sometimes it makes more sense to scale back. For designer Elle Sasson, cinematographer Ofir Peretz shot with a 16mm ARRIFLEX camera for a softer texture and a more timeless look. Gigi … more »


Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

Singer/producer Taylor Swift, director Joseph Kahn and DP Christopher Probst shot Swift's explosive, cameo-laden "Bad Blood" music video with the new Red Weapon camera system and ARRI/Zeiss Master Anamorphic lenses. Read the thread for behind-the-scenes info from Probst.


Kariba Teaser

A team of South African artists have stirred up interest with this enigmatic teaser for a planned hand-animated feature film based on a Tonga legend related to the construction of the Kariba hydroelectric dam spanning the Zambezi river basin between … more »


Walt Disney Recycled Animation Scenes

Dance choreography is demanding enough in the real world — it's no wonder Disney animators, slaving away over every on-screen step and gesture by hand, restaged some of their older moves in newer movies.


Promo: The Muppets

Watch ABC modernize The Muppet Show in this promo for "so gimmicky" reality-style prime-time TV series The Muppets.

Las Vegas 62

Las Vegas 1962

With NAB fading in the rear-view mirror, take a longer look back at a home movie shot in Vegas by an early adopter-enthusiast of 16mm Kodachrome film. The vivid archive of a city transformed was edited by Chicago-based colorist Jeff Altman, … more »

drew lustman wolves

Drew Lustman: Wolves

As video technology marches on, one thing you can count on is that today's glitch will be tomorrow's hip visual effect. And so it goes with this music video featuring psychedelic effects that were generated in camera by making clever … more »