The last time we noticed pro freestyle skier Nicolas Vuignier, he had just made an experimental sports video by swinging an iPhone around his head on a tether as he skied. He's been upping his ski-movie game since then. In his most recent offering, "Heatseeker," co-directed by DP Jules Guarneri, his crew skis at night, with the scene lit only by emergency flares streaking through the dark sky.


Directed by Nicolas Vuignier & Jules Guarneri Director of Photography Jules Guarneri Special Effects Technician Benjamin Copt Color Grading Nicolas Vuignier Title Design Kilian Amendola Sound Design by Cee-Roo Soundtrack "Happy Man" Performed by Jungle Additional Footage Julien Roserens Sampo Vallotton Anthony Vuignier Thibaud Fellay