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Heineken Presents Linclone

It takes just 15 seconds to tell the story in this short inspired by a tweet, directed by Eric Appel, and edited within an inch of its life by Alaster Jordan at Whitehouse Post. They clone Abe Lincoln's DNA and … more »


Pyro Board

Watch some young physicists use sound waves to light up a plane of 2,500 Bunsen burners — making the collective flames a tool for visualization of music. (The good stuff starts at 3:38.)


HBO Go: True Detective Faithful Dad

HBO spotlights strong sexual content in a series of online spots promoting streaming service HBO Go as a way of putting some distance between you and your parents during shows like Girls, Game of Thrones, and True Blood. This one, … more »


Bern Hyperlapsed

Here's a fantastic time-lapse video taken from a highly mobile camera moving through the streets of the Old City of Bern, Switzerland, at twilight and after dark. Studium-Punctum is the working monicker of Swiss photographer and editor Marcel Rolli.


NAB 2014 Video: Abel Cine

Abel Cine's Andy Shipsides on specialty products including the UMS Cine for Canon Cinema Zoom lenses, the PLx1.4 magnifier that gives more lenses full Red Dragon sensor coverage, and new charts.


NAB 2014 Video: Cineo Lighting

Cineo Lighting's Trisha Maas on the new Maverick, Foton2, and Matchstix.


NAB 2014 Video: Sachtler

Cinematographer Danna Kinsky on Sachtler's Ace system, including tripods as well as the new baseplate, follow-focus, and matte box.


NAB 2014 Video: Red Scorpion LED

Marcelo Colacilli says, "We're all about power."  Red Scorpion uses a refracted lens to refocus and reshape LED light instead of diffusing it.


NAB 2014 Video: LumaForge

Hollywood DI founder Neil Smith describes the mission of system integrator LumaForge and the importance of OpenCL.


NAB 2014 Video: BBS Lighting

Peter Plesner on remote phosphor blue-LED lighting technology.