Here's a sports movie with a twist — the sport is synchronized swimming, and the camera spends almost the entire running time of the 12-minute short film underwater. It's taken from a longer anthology film project called Piter by Kasta featuring four different stories about St. Petersburg accompanied by music by Russian rap group Kasta.


Part of Piter By Kasta movie ( Produced by FANCY SHOT, VGNC, BUSHE ( Written and directed by Oleksii Sobolev Director of Photography, co-director: Phil Lee Director of Photography: Grigorii Yablochkin Art-director: Peter Bondarenko Executive Producers: Roman Pevzner, Dimitry Mouraviev Line Producer: Olga Skobkina, Evgeniya Pesyakova Creative Producer: Oleksii Sobolev Editing: Khodakivska Tania, Oleksii Sobolev Sound and sound mixing: Nikolay Ishkhanov Producer: Anna Soboleva AD: Oksana Belyakova Cast: Andrey (Hamil) Pasechnyi Angelika Timanina Anna Udovik Roman Pevzner