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RHODES: Turning Back Around

Director Callum Cooper (via production company Good Egg) deployed custom-built rigs allowing him to dunk a highly mobile camera over and over in this music video for British singer-songwriter RHODES.


How to Be a Filmmaker

The YouTube satiricists known as IFHT effectively lampoon themselves in this video that reveals certain, um, tricks of the filmmaking trade. And remember: no matter how you say bokeh, you're saying it wrong.


Apollo XVIII

Marco Brambilla, the creator of high-concept video collages and installations like The Standard Hotel's Civilization and the church-ensconced Creation 3D, recaptures space travel's golden age in an imagined countdown to launch of a Saturn V rocket. Simon Mowbray, Creative Director at … more »


Akira Kurosawa: Composing Movement

Prolific video essayist Tony Zhou strikes again with a loving look at Akira Kurosawa's masterful use of motion in the movie frame — moving cameras, moving characters, and movement in the natural world.


Charli XCX: Famous

Charli XCX is known for belting out catchy, rhythmic pop tunes, but her new music video, directed by Eric Wareheim (of Tim and Eric), starts out as a sunny soufflé and morphs into something genuinely disturbing. Aaron Platt was the cinematographer, Tim Nackashi … more »


Kilauea: The Fire Within

Filmmaker Lance Page directed, shot and edited this video of Kilauea, an active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. The time-lapse and motion-control footage was photographed with the Canon EOS 6D and Panasonic Lumix GH4, with a helping hand from … more »


Art of the Scene: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Revisit the production of the 1981 Lucas-Spielberg classic Raiders of the Lost Ark with Cinefix's exhaustively researched audio and video commentary on the film's boulder-iffic opening sequence.


Trailer: Pixels

Director Christopher Columbus makes his first feature film in five years with Pixels, a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi movie about an invasion by aliens who took the videogames of Planet Earth a little too seriously. VFX are by Digital Domain and Sony Pictures Imageworks.


Fugu & Tako

A businessman's intemperate demand for fresh sushi has life-changing effects in this short film from VFX specialist Ben West and his Robot VFX. Cinematographer Callan Green, ACS, shot with the ARRI Alexa and Drew Thompson, ASE, edited. More details are at fxguide.


Wake Up to Eggs with Bacon

Why is Kevin Bacon on your kitchen counter? Well, it turns out he has signed on the dotted line as a spokesperson for … the American Egg Board. Well played, eggs.