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Danny and the Wild Bunch

Editorial changes to give a children's picture book a darker tone have sinister consequences in this short film about a writer who becomes a victim of her own characters. It's written and directed by Robert Rugan and photographed by Pete Konczal; … more »


Coffee: Six Degrees of Caffeination

"Deli coffee makes me so existentially sad," says one of the contributors to this short film on New Yorkers getting their java fix, from the aficionados enjoying delicate cupping rituals with their favored beans to that loudmouthed guy who runs the breakfast cart on … more »


Birdman Action Figure TV Commercial

The Best Picture Oscar-winner gets one last push from Fox Searchlight in this mock TV spot for a vintage Birdman action figure with, well, a slightly crusty vocabulary.



Director Joseph Kahn (Torque, Detention) riffs hard on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in a bloody, profane and completely unauthorized "deboot" of the 1990s TV franchise. It's already ruffling feathers—Vimeo made a NSFW version a "staff pick," then removed it a few hours … more »


Make a Film with iPad

"If you're dreaming, you're sleeping," says Martin Scorsese, challenging conventional platitudes about artistry in this ad depicting high-school students using the iPad to make movies.


Robot Nom Nom

Is that an android eating a sandwich? In just 39 seconds, actor Chadd Smith (Step Up 3D) demonstrates how much you can do with a solid performance and some well-chosen sound effects.


Save the Bros

"Every day, millions of bros drink protein shakes in order to get jacked, yoked and totally swole—but most bros are unaware of the scary chemicals and artifical ingredients inside these shakes," warns this ad (from Chattanooga, TN agency Humanaut) for Organic … more »


Agent Carter: Creating Movie Effects on a TV Schedule

Wired and show off ILM's work for television in this quick collection of VFX breakdowns on the ABC TV series Agent Carter.


Dubai Flow Motion

Time-lapse whiz Rob Whitworth ups his game with this vertiginous, hyperactive, and altogether dazzling tour of the city of Dubai and surroundings.


Taylor Swift “Style”

It's all light and shadow, reflections and projections — and a hint of True Detective's opening titles — in the third music video from Taylor Swift's runaway hit album 1989. It's directed by Kyle Newman (Fanboys) with cinematography by Alex Disenhof.