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NAB 2015 Video: Convergent Design

Mitch Gross fills us in on new firmware updates to the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+. 


NAB 2015 Video: Abel Cine

Andy Shipsides highlights Canon's hot new 17–120mm cine-servo lens, which gets a PL- and EF- switchable universal mount system from Abel Cine, and the MoVI M10 and M15 stabilizing gimbals from Freefly.


NAB 2015 Video: K 5600

Ryan Smith on K 5600's continued work in HMI lighting, including the portable two-light Evolution kits.


NAB 2015 Video: Codex

Codex's Sarah Priestnall goes beyond recording to talk about the 12-bit raw HD Codex Action Cam and post-production workflow, including the forthcoming V-Raw recorder for Panasonic's VariCam 35.


NAB 2015 Video: Litepanels

Litepanels Product Marketing Manager Alan Ipakchian debuts the Caliber three-light LED fresnel kit as well as expansions to the Astra line.


NAB 2015 Video: Leica/CW Sonderoptic

Seth Emmons shows off Leica glass, including the Academy Award-winning T1.4 Summilux lenses and the newer Summicron-C T2.0 lens lineup, as well as a soon-to-be-productized Leica M rangefinder camera with PL-mount adapter.


NAB 2015 Video: Chrosziel

Ron Ayers shows the new Chrosziel Cine.1 matte box with the ability to tilt up and down to reduce reflections. 


NAB 2015 Video: OConnor

OConnor's Steve Turner shows the O-Rig, described as a handheld, camera-and-lens agnostic equivalent of the OConnor 1030 fluid head.


NAB 2015 Video: Nila

Jordan Hall describes the advantages and features of Nila's Arina light, a 2.5K replacement that pulls under 800 watts, and the new combination kits for ENG and high-speed imaging. Also on display is the tiny Zaila, with a tight arrangement of … more »


NAB 2015 Video: Nvidia

Greg Estes talks Nvidia's flagship Quadro M6000 hardware, which has fast become a favorite for high-end, GPU-accelerated post performance, and trends in graphics hardware.