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JVC Debuts Live HD Streaming Service, Two Cameras to Go with It

Continuing its push to make the transmission of live footage easier for news-style shooters in the field, JVC today introduced two shoulder-mount camcorders and announced a new streaming service designed to receive live HD content in broadcast-ready formX` directly from … more »


ARRI Prices Amira Doc-Style Camera from $39,999

ARRI began taking orders today for its new Amira camera, a documentary-style version of the ARRI Alexa that's become a standard for feature-film and television work. Most importantly, the company put an end to speculation on the camera's price. The … more »

Facial Mocap Gets Easier as Faceware Integrates with Vicon’s Cara

Facial performance capture gets a little more flexible with news of a new global partnership between Vicon and Faceware Technologies. The deal makes it easy to process and use data from Vicon's head-mounted Cara rig, a sophisticated new system for … more »


Review: Panasonic AG-AC90

Last year, the Panasonic AG-AC90 was introduced to little fanfare or notice. This lack of attention may have been due to the modest camera's small sensor, which, in an era of 4K workflows and Ultra HD displays, is hardly a … more »


Quantel Evolves Genetic Engineering to Version 2

Quantel has launched Genetic Engineering 2, bringing the company's shared-storage system to users of Quantel's Pablo Rio finishing systems running on off-the-shelf hardware. Up to four Pablo Rio systems can share the same GenePool storage, or a GenePool Gateway in … more »


Facilis Ships TerraBlock 6.0 Shared-Storage System

Facilis Technology this month released TerraBlock 6.0, the new version of its shared-storage system. First introduced at last year's IBC, v6.0 includes LDAP support and Active Directory synchronization for user account management through group access permissions; on-the-fly volume size reduction; … more »

Fujinon Cabrio Lens and Sony F55 Camera

Matching the Sony F55 with Fujinon Cabrio Zooms for EFP Shooting

The Challenge of Mobile EFP-Style Productions  Mobile EFP-style field productions are loaded with a wide variety of equipment and logistics nuances. The very nature of mobile, small crew, non-hardlined EFP field production calls for lightly accessorized camera setups, internal ND … more »


Review: Maxx Digital ThunderRAID

Maxx Digital’s ThunderRAID is a rare breed. For starters, it’s an eight-drive RAID that’s powered by an internal, industrial-strength RAID controller from well-respected Areca. It connects to your Mac or PC via zippy Thunderbolt (version 1), delivering reads and writes … more »


Hazel Baird on Shifting Perspectives in World War II from Space

Hazel Baird, director of motion graphics for History Channel's World War II from Space, had never designed a show before that had so much CG in it. But Baird, a freelance motion graphics designer for Prime Focus, was hardly daunted by the challenge … more »


HP’s Z1 G2 All-in-One Workstation Adds Thunderbolt 2 Capability

At CES, HP updated the tightly packed Z1 all-in-one pro workstation it launched back in 2012 with the new Z1 G2, which adds Windows 8 multitouch capability and Thunderbolt 2 — an optional module that fits into the side of … more »