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Pixar’s Ed Catmull on Animation Evolution, from Nemo to Dory

Dr. Ed Catmull co-founded Pixar Animation Studios in 1986 with Alvy Ray Smith, Steve Jobs, and John Lasseter, and it has become one of the world’s most successful studios. He is currently President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. … more »

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Industry Vets Launch Artella Collaborative Animation Platform

The market for cloud-based collaborative animation platforms got a little more crowded this week with the launch of Artella, a new online production pipeline devised by the trio of animators (veterans of Pixar, Paramount and ILM) who founded Animation Mentor in 2005. … more »


Trailer: The Jungle Book

Disney's remake of its own 1967 animated feature, billed as a live-action/animation hybrid, is looking to be a dark adventure in photoreal CG animals and evironments. Jon Favreau directs; that's the voice of Scarlett Johansson as the snake Kaa.


How Pixar’s Inside Out Models Real-World Filmmaking Tools

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out takes place in the outside world where 11-year-old Riley and her parents live, and in the inside world, which takes place largely in Riley’s mind. Pixar tells the interconnected stories simultaneously. We see how emotions affect Riley, … more »


SIGGRAPH to Honor ILM’s 40th in 2015 Production Sessions

It will be a very ILM SIGGRAPH, as Industrial Light & Magic's 40th anniversary is commemorated at a special August 10 event during the 42nd annual SIGGRAPH Conference, taking place August 9–13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. "In addition … more »


Animal Logic Will Open Vancouver Studio to Work on The Lego Movie Sequel

Animal Logic is opening an animation studio in Vancouver, BC to produce three new animated features in its production relationship with Warner Bros. The VFX and animation studio described the new Animal Logic Vancouver as "an exclusive partnership" with Warner … more »


Nimble Collective’s Rex Grignon on Bringing Animators Together

With an eye toward revolutionizing the global animation content market, Nimble Collective has stepped out of the shadows and onto center stage. Supported by $1 million in seed funding, the Collective aims to become the world’s largest online animated community, … more »


Creature: A Never Before Seen Film

Creature Directed by RYAN DZIERZEK We have the ability to make almost anything in a laboratory but should we? Director Ryan Dzierzek combines eerily realistic footage from Action Cam by Sony with VFX to imagine what happens when a genetic experiment … more »


Paperports: A Never Before Seen Film

Paperports Directed by CHARLES YOUNG This charming film follows the inhabitants of a tiny paper city as they go about their business. From the imagination of Charles Young, creator of Paperholm, comes 60 unique buildings, 9 vehicles and a fascinating … more »


The Picture Machine: A Never Before Seen Film

The Picture Machine Directed by STUDIO NOS One of the oldest forms of animation meets Action Cam by Sony in this custom animation system designed and created by Studio Nos. This delightful process and its results involve a remote-controlled car … more »