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Clotiaux Named President of Digital Domain’s Feature Film Division

Digital Domain 3.0 promoted Terry Clotiaux to president of its feature film production division, reporting to new CEO Daniel Seah. Also promoted is Rich Flier, who becomes president of DD3's advertising and games division. Clotiaux is a 25-year VFX veteran … more »


Digital Domain 3.0 Reveals New Owner, Names New CEO

The Digital Domain story entered a new chapter over the weekend as Hong Kong-based Sun Innovation took over as majority owner of the U.S. VFX studio. Sun spent just over $50 million to buy the 70 percent stake in the … more »

Mets 3D

The Mets Meet VFX

Considering the challenging season the Mets are having, it may be time to bring back the superheroes, this time in stereo3D. That Mets mojo was in fine form on the field last year, thanks in small part to a new … more »


Terry Clotiaux Returns to Digital Domain as VP of Feature-Film Production

Digital Domain (DD) said today that VFX veteran Terry Clotiaux is its new VP of feature-film production. He will report directly to DD CEO Ed Ulbrich. Clotiaux is a 25-year VFX veteran whose résumé includes a stint as executive producer … more »


Scott Ross, Uncensored: Part One

I”d like to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction: Scott Ross. Scott is a pioneer in this industry who has helped define the pathway of VFX development. His reputation is out there, from harsh to soft, and … more »


Digital Domain Media Group Hopes to Auction Remaining Assets in December

Digital Domain Media Group this week asked a bankruptcy court judge to approve a December 4 sale of the company's remaining assets. The assets yet to be sold include the 115,000-square-foot Tradition Studios in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and the … more »


The Ball Unleashed

Curious what kind of work was being done at Digital Domain's Florida studios before they were shuttered last month? Check out this insanely detailed sci-fi gameplay video created for the New York Mets. Director and VFX supervisor was Marc Rienzo; … more »

Chinese and Indian Companies to Buy Digital Domain for $30.2 Million in Joint Venture

The assets of the beleaguered Digital Domain VFX and animation company, dissolved in bankruptcy court following its Chapter 11 filing on September 11, will be jointly purchased by Beijing Galloping Horse Film Co., Ltd. and Reliance MediaWorks. The two companies … more »

Saving Our American VFX Industry: A Baker’s Dozen Rules for Long-Term Viability

Can the industry be saved here in the US? Of course it can. Lots of things can be done. The question is, what can a VFX house do to insure its existence for the long term? I've been interviewing lots … more »


How Healthy Is Our VFX Industry?

This might be the toughest, most complicated blog I've ever written. I've been concerned for some time now that something serious is ailing the VFX industry. Too many vintage and new VFX houses are going under, and not just here … more »