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Here Are the Theaters Showing The Hobbit at 48fps

In case you missed it, the Los Angeles Times reported last week that The Hobbit will screen at its native 48fps projection rate in only about 450 North American movie theaters — probably a little more than 10 percent of … more »


Christie to Screen Scorsese’s Hugo in 3D Laser Projection at IBC

IBC has just confirmed that a 3D screening of Martin Scorsese's Hugo, prepared for a 14-foot lambert presentation (2D brightness levels with 3D glasses) via laser-illuminated projection, will close the IBC Big Screen showcase on Monday, September 10. The screening, … more »

Trumbull, Muren, and Others Vouch for High-Frame-Rate Cinema

A funny thing happened when renowned VFX supervisor Dennis Muren bought a new Sony TV. He started to become absorbed by the effects of the MotionFlow system that increases image smoothness by interpolating frames. "I was looking at the old Mac … more »


Christie Organizes Massive High-Frame-Rate Panel at SIGGRAPH

VFX gurus Douglas Trumbull and Dennis Muren and Avatar producer Jon Landau are the marquee names on a SIGGRAPH panel that will speculate on the impact of 48fps and higher acquisition and exhibition, known as high-frame-rate or HFR filmmaking. The … more »

The Hobbit, the “Soap Opera Effect,” and the 48fps (and Faster) Future of Movies

A funny thing happened at CinemaCon last week, when Warner Bros. previewed scenes from Peter Jackson's upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in what could be a revolutionary new acquisition and projection format of 48fps. Response to the new technology … more »

Qube Cinema Brings 120 fps 3D to CinemaCon

Las Vegas, NV: April 25, 2012… Today at CinemaCon, Qube Cinema demonstrated dual-projector 120 fps stereoscopic 3D playback during the Filmmaker’s Lunch with a panel that included Ang Lee and Martin Scorsese. The demonstration used two stacked Barco projectors to show … more »