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Reflections on NAB 2010 – The Small

Following up on some reflections from NAB 2010 (yesterday we looked at some of The Big announcements from the big companies), today I’ve listed some of the little guys in their little booths that you find in and around the … more »

Reflections on NAB 2010 – The Big

Another NAB is on the books and the 2010 edition was a biggie. Attendance was up and the show floor seemed visibly more crowded than last year. Certain booths were so crowded from Monday on that you had to fight … more »

NAB Panel Asks: Worldwide 3D Standards?

Las Vegas, NV–At NAB 2010, EBU deputy director David Wood gathered together a panel to discuss the prospects of a worldwide 3D standard. If you wish to read no farther, the bottom line conclusion, as wryly put by Motorola senior … more »

Sorenson adds iPad presets to Squeeze

This little update might come as a welcome treat to those of you who are using Sorenson’s newest update to Squeeze: Squeeze 6 (check out our Studio Monthly review of Squeeze 6 if you aren’t familiar with this full-featured encoding … more »

Sony’s New Open, Turbo-Charged Asset Manager

Sony announced today that it will introduce a new open-platform product family, Media Backbone, which grew out of the company’s desire to address workflow issues created by the relentless uptick in 4K and 3D production and post. An open, frame-level … more »

Adobe CS5 Launch Imminent

We all knew it was only a matter of time before Adobe delivered the next update to its suite of applications. The launch date has been announced: We can expect Adobe CS5 on Monday, April 12, at 8 am PT, … more »

The Canon EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro Arrives

After Canon PR jumped the gun a bit on the release of the EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro, they have finally released the tool here in the back half of March. If you haven’t heard about the EOS … more »

Useful Tool for FxFactory: Phyx Color

A few weeks ago I posted about a new developer that joined the Noise Industries FxFactory program. That company is Phyx and its first product, Phyx Keyer is a greenscreen keying tool. The company is back with its second product … more »

Shooting Digitally: New Approaches to Old Problems

If you are an indie producer, new media filmmaker, director, editor, cinematographer, post production supervisor or DIT–and you live in Los Angeles, here’s an opportunity to take a look at some “new approaches to old problems” in production and post. … more »

Useful Tool Clipfinder Updated; Free No More

If you have anything to do with the RED camera in general, and posting RED footage more specifically, then you are probably well aware of Clipfinder, the amazingly cool and useful utility from Hans-Georg Daun that has been a staple … more »