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Review: Sorenson Squeeze 9

When it comes to managing and manipulating digital video, Sorenson Squeeze has been a reliable workhorse. That continues to be the case with the advent of Squeeze 9 Pro, the most significant revision to the transcoding tool since v6 over … more »

Sorenson Squeeze 8 screenshot

Sorenson Squeeze Goes Pro

One of the digital craftsperson’s most essential tools moves decidedly upscale with the March 6 introduction of Sorenson Squeeze Pro. The latest iteration of Squeeze targets the top video producer, editor, and webmaster already well-versed in digital filmmaking’s Three Noble … more »

Sorenson adds iPad presets to Squeeze

This little update might come as a welcome treat to those of you who are using Sorenson’s newest update to Squeeze: Squeeze 6 (check out our Studio Monthly review of Squeeze 6 if you aren’t familiar with this full-featured encoding … more »

Sorenson Squeeze 6: a whole new Squeeze

Those video encoding stalwarts over at Sorenson today announced the availability of Squeeze 6. It looks to be a whole new product from the ground up. There’s a newer interface, faster encoding, better H.264 quality (yep, the actual Sorenson codec … more »