$149 Stabilizer Is Designed for GoPro, Canon Vixia, iPhone and More

Glidecam started shipping its new iGlide, a $149 handheld camera stabilizer designed for the tiny likes of GoPro cameras, the Canon Vixia, and—with a $49 iGlide Adapter, the iPhone. If you're looking to get the most out of an inexpensive camera, that's a pretty cheap way to help your footage look not quite as cheap.

The iGlide is designed for cameras weighing between four and 14 ounces and consists of a foam-cushioned handle grip attached to a free-floating three-axis gimbal. Axis convergence is adjustable, and the camera mounting platform can be moved back and forth to adjust horizontal balance. Vertical balance is controlled using small counterweights that attach to the base platform or by adjusting the telescoping central post.

The iGlide weighs 13.6 ounces and is available in blue, orange, and green alongside the basic black.