Is submitting your footage to stock libraries a hassle? Is it enough of a hassle that you'd be willing to split your take with a partner who handles the tedious stuff and lets you get back out there shooting? Clippn hopes you think so.

Clippn is a cloud-based platform for processing and delivering of stock footage. You send clips to Clippn, and Clippn tries to sell them through a range of stock distributors, including Getty Images, Pond5, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and VideoBlocks. 50% of all sales are returned to the shooter.

But Clippn says it does more than distribute. The company claims to curate video, identifying the clips with the most revenue potential. editing, keywording and monetizing them. It handles editing, color-correction, QC and delivery. It deals with the different deliverables for different services, including metadata and other specs, via a cloud-based system built around Amazon Web Services and Dalet's xN platform.

For DPs, Clippn offers the chance to generate new revenue streams from video assets without spending too much time figuring out the business and tailoring clips for maximum sellability. In return, Clippn gets access to a chunk of a huge and still-growing stock-footage market.

Clippn is soliciting sample clips from shooters who use "a high-quality DSLR, cinema or GoPro-style camera," or anyone sitting on an archive of quality footage. Shooters can apply at the Clippn website.