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Convert a Photo Sequence to HD Time Lapse Footage with GoPro CineForm Studio 1.1

In this video tutorial, CineForm's David Newman shows you how to use the free GoPro CineForm Studio 1.1 to convert and edit a 4×3 photo sequence into 16×9 time lapse footage.
The free software, which comes from GoPro's newly acquired and well-known CineForm division, lets you import H.264 compressed .mp4 files from most cameras and tweak exposure, contrast, saturation, timing (for slo-mo), color and image rotation. You can also crop, zoom and up- or down-res your clips. The 3D convergence tools, however, only work with 3D footage imported from a GoPro camera. The free software is available for download here for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.6.3 – 10.7.2.

Those who need to work with more complexity, like alpha channels, will need to purchase CineForm Neo, recently rebranded as GoPro CineForm Studio Premium. Essentially, the software combines the top feature sets from Neo HD and Neo 4K into one package aimed at both 2D and 3D broadcast and feature film production. When it begins shipping in the next few weeks, it will list for $299, the previous price of CineForm Neo. CineForm Studio Professional, which is optimized for Phantom, Alexa, SI, and RED stereo rigs and available for $999, is also due to begin shipping shortly.

For more information: www.cineform.com/


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  • Matthew

    I did exactly what you did but for some reason when I export the mp4 and take that file and upload it to YouTube it ends up being really bad quality and it only stays at 360. No HD at all. Everything is at HD when I am editing it. I have a Go Pro 2 and have the photos at high. Could it be because I am using the free Go Pro Cineform Studio? 

  • Andy

    hi there 
    the photos you loading into ciniform were they grouped together somehow? how do you get a whole timelapse sequence into one? file? if so how as im struggling to work it out? thanks andy

  • Roger

    Questions shown were asked 10 and 11 months ago and no reply? Bit pointless leaving a question don’t you think? – Don’t bother to reply if it takes 11 months.

  • sam

    sorry this might sound like a stupid question. how do i speed up the full timelapse in cineform? for example, i made a timelapse with 1400 pics yet the timelapse lasts 27 minutes! driving me mental, it would be great if anyone could help! :)

  • dwayne

    you dont really exoplain what u are doing – certainly not every step