Zacuto's "Great Camera Shootout," well known for igniting a few healthy debates but also for winning an Emmy for best Web series, returned this year to compare the following cameras: RED Epic; ARRI Alexa; Sony F3 with S-Log, FS100 and F65; Canon C300 and 7D; a hacked Panasonic GH2; and, just for fun, an iPhone 4s. With controlled setups (designed by Bruce Logan ASC) and talented DPs who lit the shoots as they wished and colorists who graded them, the resulting footage looked more similar than different. After viewing unmarked footage and choosing their top three picks, the invited directors and DPs in the audience were both surprised and confused by the results. They also had a lot to say about how they approach their craft.

This is part two of Zacuto's series, which runs about 100 minutes long in total. Zacuto has recently posted the final installment, plus camera logs and full technical data, at its site here.

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