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Here's the latest web short from the folks at Red Giant, who commission writer-director-VFX artist Seth Worley to put its digital toolkit through its paces in slick films like "Plot Device," "Form 17," and, now, "Tempo." It doesn't look like the making-of is online yet, but it'll probably be up soon on Red Giant's Vimeo channel


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  • chrisp30


  • http://twitter.com/bradvr Brad Hagen

    Nicely done. Enjoyed the suspense and the plot. Cute.

  • stu aull


    Hollywood is awaits. From earlier fun/quirky to cinematic action – and fab on the music too!! Can’t wait for the next episode Seth.

    Stu in Alaska

  • stu aull

    awaits. I meant “Hollywood awaits”…

  • Dan Supko

    Awesome job? Great FX and the music was excellent. Better than almost anything on TV, and really cool scenarios. Keep up the great work.