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David Bowie: Where Are We Now?

The 66-year-old rock legend broke the news of an impending new album — his first new release since 2003's Reality, recorded in secret over the past two years — with the release of this low-key music video. It's directed by New York artist Tony Oursler, who worked with Bowie previously on projections for his 50th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden in 1997.


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  • Anonymous

    Soundwise, the song is sort of a 21st Century take on his “Low” album.
    Eh…the video is okay, nothing ground-breaking…actually a bit depressing.

  • Ralf

    Who the hell is SME…and why have they bolcked this video?

    • Anonymous

      Whoops. Looks like Sony Music Entertainment said the YouTube post we linked to was unauthorized. Looking for another embed now.

      • Anonymous

        Lovely. It’s fixed now, and the official version looks and sounds better. Thanks for posting!