Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl himself directed this chaotic and irreverent (and slightly NSFW) music video depicting the band members rousing the denizens of a nursing home to increasingly debauched action. The clip was executed with the help of production company (and regular Grohl collaborator) Therapy Content and post-production facility Therapy Studios. Brandon Trost was the DP and Ken Mowe edited.


“Run”: Foo Fighters
Director: Dave Grohl
DP: Brandon Trost

Production Company: Therapy Content
Executive Producer: Jim Rota
Executive Producer: John Ramsay
Producer: Margaret Ward
Post Production: Therapy Studios
Executive Producer: Joe DiSanto
Editor: Ken Mowe
Colorist: Omar Inguanzo
Flame Artists: Wren Waters, Rachel Moorer, Geoff Stephenson
Sound Design: Dillon Cahill