“Some of my most interesting friends are mirages,” says Yuri the yeti in this animated short, one in a series of 20 aimed at children with cancer. This one is tailored to help kids cope with all the time they’ll spend alone in the hospital without family or friends at their side. “We wanted to capture how it feels for a child to be in a place where there’s no one else around, and we wanted to show how you can magically fill the space with friends and zoom through it in your mind,” explained Renegade Animation Director Darrell Van Citters.

Being by Yourself
Project: Imaginary Friend Society
Client: Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Agency: RPA
Animation: Renegade Animation. Darrell Van Citters, Director; Ashley Postlewaite, Producer; Brittney Jorgensen, Production Manager; Todd Cronin, Storyboard; John Bajet, Designer; Austin Doyle and Randy Sanchez, Riggers; Zach Mekelburg Roman and Ng Lok, Animators; Austin Doyle and Zach Mekelburg, Effects Artists.
Music: We Are Walker
Sound Design: Lime Studios