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NAB 2014 Video: Thales-Angenieux

Eva Paryzka introduces James Mathers to the new Optimo Style line of zoom lenses as well as some wider anamorphics coming in time for NAB 2015.


NAB 2014 Video: K5600

Ryan Smith and James Mathers still believe in HMIs. K5600's Smith introduces the Evolution kits, featuring the new Alpha 200W fresnel, and some other new lights from NAB.


NAB 2014 Video: Codex Digital

Codex's Sarah Priestnall says one workflow for every camera is the best policy, describing Phantom, Red and VariCam workflows, and shows the tiny Codex Action Cam, designed for VFX and witness-camera applications.


NAB 2014 Video: Leica

Seth Emmons introduces the Summicron C line, a new series of cine prime lenses from Leica manufacturer CW Sonderoptics. 


NAB 2014 Video: Birns & Sawyer

William Meurer on new cameras, lenses, and grip and lighting gear at Birns & Sawyer, including a lightweight air-cushioned camera pack. 


NAB 2014 Video: JVC

JVC's Dave Walton runs through JVC's line-up of Super 35 4K camera prototypes, following on the company's 2012 acquisition of sensor manufacturer AltaSens.


NAB 2014 Video: Nila

Nila's Jordan Hall shows the new Zaila LED, a 200 HMI replacement drawing a little more than 40 watts, and the Varsa LED, a 400 HMI replacement drawing 75 watts.


NAB 2014 Video: Band Pro

Band Pro's Jeff Cree shows us Leica's T2 spherical Summicron lenses, designed as an affordable alternative to the Summilux lenses for Super 35-style electronic cinematography, and talks about production workflow for 4K cameras in the Band Pro booth.


NAB 2014 Video: Wooden Camera

Ryan Shorman shows a sub-$1,000 custom PL-mount mod for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, plus additional support to held up those big lenses, a prototype for a sub-$1,000 multi-stage rotation matte box, and more.


NAB 2014 Video: MTI Film

Amy Hawthorne on the new Cortex CarryOn and Cortex Dailies v1.5.