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NAB 2015 Video: Manios Digital

"Classic rock, classic lenses": Steven Manios shows the forthcoming 1.2 expander, which allows vintage 35mm Cooke and Angenieux zooms to cover the full 6K sensor on the Red Epic Dragon with half a stop of light loss.


NAB 2015 Video: MTI Film

MTI Film's Amy Hawthorne talks about improvements to the company's DRS Nova film-restoration software and Cortex digital-dailies software.


NAB 2015 Video: Quantum

Quantum's Alex Grossman talks about the latest developments in end-to-end ingest-to-archive workflows using the company's StorNext collaborative-storage platform.


NAB 2015 Video: Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro's Brian Valente showcases the Halo dynamic focus-control system, which uses the collision-avoidance technology from self-driving cars to create a visual map of a scene, allowing the system to manage focus among different performers or elements in a shot. … more »


NAB 2015 Video: Red Scorpion

Marcello Colachilli on Red Scorpion's LED lights, which use refracted lenses to generate a very bright throw by refocusing light. The company's 1K and 2K lights can be plugged into standard household electrical outlets.


NAB 2015 Video: Studio Prime Awards

Watch the full presentation of the 2015 StudioDaily Prime Awards from the NAB show floor.


NAB 2015 Video: SmallHD

Wes Phillips on SmallHD's new Sidefinder 1366×768 electronic viewfinder with built-in fold-out 1080p monitor.


NAB 2015 Video: Sony

Sony's Joseph G. Schimizzi shows off Sony's Studio Prime Award-winning FS7 camera, including lensing options, and talks new F55 firmware, the new Thunderbolt-enabled card reader, and the PMW-PZ1 SxS 4K deck.


NAB 2015 Video: Sony (Catalyst)

Sony's Gary Rebholz demos the company's two new cross-platform Catalyst products, an updated version of Catalyst Prepare and the new Catalyst Edit.


NAB 2015 Video: Tiffen Filters

Tiffen's Carey Duffy on the company's recent Sci-Tech Academy Award and its NAB offerings, including new diffusion filters.