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NAB 2014 Video: PAGLink Batteries

Steve Manios shows off the new PAGLink snap-on batteries, which can be stacked on a charger or the back of your camera, so you never run out of power. They're hot-swappable, and they communicate with each other to make charging … more »


NAB 2014 Video: Cinnafilm

Cinnafilm's Ernie Sanchez on Cinnafilm's new Tachyon Wormhole plug-in for the RadiantGrid transcoding system, which gives editors a +/-10 percent timing window to meet a specific delivery length.


NAB 2014 Video: Kino Flo

Tom Jacob on the new temperature-controllable Celeb 400Q LED soft light.


NAB 2014 Video: Shutterstock

Ben Pfeifer and Derick Rhodes on Shutterstock's brand-new collection of more than 20,000 high-quality 4K clips. 


NAB 2014 Video: ARRI (Lighting)

ARRI's Mike Wagner on the new L5 LED fresnel.


NAB 2014 Video: ARRI (Amira)

ARRI's Jim Davis on the just-launched Amira camera.


NAB 2014 Video: Adorama

Kevin Reagan and Daniel Gurzi on Adorama's move from still photography into motion pictures.


NAB 2014 Video: The Studio-B&H

Who's the biggest Apple retailer in the U.S.? If you guessed Apple itself, Michel Suissa of The Studio-B&H says you should guess again. He talks about trends in 4K acquisition and post-production including a 4K-compatible production dailies system from Bigfoot … more »


NAB 2014 Video: Astrodesign

If 4K's not good enough for you, check out 8K — and a cool OLED HD viewfinder — with Terry Harada at Astrodesign.


NAB 2014 Video: Nvidia

It's all about speed and efficiency as Nvidia's Greg Estes talks GPU-enabled real-time debayering of 6K Red Dragon footage inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC.