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Kodak Adds Second Daylight Film to VISION2 Product Line

Kodak is expanding the palette of color negative films available to cinematographers. The company has introduced an ultra-fine grain film rated for an exposure index of 50 in daylight. KODAK VISION2 50D 5201/7201 color negative film is available in all … more »

Promise Technology Expands Line of High-Speed SATA RAID Storage Systems

High Speed Connectivity, Advanced Data Protection Ideal for Clustered Servers more »

The Competition for Scientific Achievement Academy Awards

The Scientific and Technical Awards Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that seventeen scientific and technical achievements have been selected for 78th Academy Awards consideration. more »

Euphonix Announces Multi-Application Control Surface Integration at AES

For over two years Euphonix has been working closely with several leading pro audio and video manufacturers to provide a range of product solutions that integrate together over Ethernet more »

Innovative Acquisition: That Classic Hollywood Look

Mark Read is nostalgic for the "stretched film grain" look of motion picture classics like Ben Hur and 2001: A Space Odyssey. more »

HDV Done Right

The emergence of the HDV format, offering high-definition quality video on a MiniDV cassette, has enabled a number of exciting new applications for video professionals who couldn't afford the high cost of more »

Reality Check

Shooting good reality TV is all about thinking on your feet. The state of the art is sharp SD imagery, handheld shooting and guerilla-style production. Catch your breath whenever you can, because if equipment goes down or a cast member acts up, your careful plans will all unravel. more »

Medialon Audio Server

The new Medialon Audio Server (MAS) system offers complete control of multiple audio tracks and integrates with Medialon Manager control software. Each of its 24 to 96 independent channels can be more »

Sony Upgrades XDCAM to HD

Sony's first three XDCAM HD products, the PDW-F330 camcorder and the PDW-F30 and F70 decks, will not ship in volume until the second quarter of 2006. more »

Pipe Dreams?

As the world of video production moves further away from analog to digital, one inevitable consequence will be the demise of the CRT display. It won't happen tomorrow, nor will it happen in the next two to more »