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HD Delivery: The Road to HD DVDs Get Rockier…Talk about Trouble

Talk about trouble. High-definition DVDs seem endlessly mired in squabbles and trouble. There's not even a break for the holidays. more »

HD Processing: New System on a Chip Opens Door to Hybrid HD Video and Still Cameras

Some multimedia enthusiasts might consider the Holy Grail of electronic imaging a compact high-definition video camera combined with an ultra high-resolution still camera. Such a hybrid device would allow the photographer to instantly choose the right medium for the right shot. more »

Thomson Buys Into PC Editing Market

Although it has tried to reposition its Grass Valley NewsEdit NLE system to compete with the likes of others used in the independent filmmaking and video production markets, Thomson tabled those efforts this month and decided to buy Canopus. Many see the move as a great fit for both companies. more »

BOXX and ProMAX Team Up

In a far-reaching agreement, ProMAX Systems, Inc. (Irvine, California) and BOXX Technologies, Inc. (Austin, Texas) announced today that they will jointly deliver a broad range of specialized media creation products for film, video and broadcast professionals. more »

Kodak And Real D To Deliver Digital 3-D Cinema In Australia

Kodak Digital Cinema and Real D announced that the companies have formed a strategic alliance to roll out digital 3 D cinema throughout Australia. more »

The Wild West of LUTs

As the digital intermediate has quickly ushered in new, more efficient and flexible workflows, processes still vary widely from studio to studio, each using a different mixture of tools. While this allows each company to develop its own creative special sauce for digital intermediates, it also creates a host of problems more »

Avid Certified Training Centers

Where to learn more about Xpress Pro more »

The AG-HVX200 HD Camera-Recorder Puts a Host of Powerful Features in Your Hands

Panasonic has been a leader in developing video technologies for the production industry, including filmmaking, broadcasting and other professional applications. Now we have packed a wealth of our leading technologies into an exciting new camera-recorder. more »

Chronicling Effects in Narnia (Video)

Performing a convincing magic trick depends on how well things can be hidden, moved and replaced before the eye can detect the deception. Similarly, creating photorealistic CG effects is a balance of making it look as good as possible and then using any elements ' dark lighting, dust, quick cuts or distancing the subjects from the camera ' to mask the fact that it is largely an illusion. more »

Thomson to Acquire Thales Broadcast & Multimedia

oming on the heels of Thomson's announcement that it would acquire Canopus, Thomson makes the headline again with yesterday's announcement that it will purchase Thales Broadcast & Multimedia (TBM) business unit more »