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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Creating 3D Illusion Using Filters with Apple Motion

In this tutorial, instructor Jim Kanter shows how to create eye-catching 3D animations using filters in Motion 2. more »

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Creating Effects in Premiere Pro 2

In this tutorial, instructor Terry Nauheim focuses on the new features of Premiere Pro 2 and show how to create fixed effects within a timeline. more »

DAZ Integrates Autodesk FBX into DAZ|Studio

DAZ Productions Inc., a leading developer of professional quality 3D software and models, announced today that Autodesk FBX is now fully integrated with DAZ|Studio more »

Focus Enhancements and JVC Announce Availability of DR-HD100 DTE Recorder

Focus Enhancements, Inc., a worldwide leader in video production and conversion technology, today announced the availability of its FireStore DR-HD100 Direct To Edit (DTE) recorder. Focus Enhancements and JVC Professional designed the DR-HD100 to interface specifically with the popular JVC GY-HD100 series of ProHD camcorders. more »

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Trim Mode in Avid Xpress

In this tutorial, instructor Steve Bayes shows how to use the Trim Mode in Avid Xpress. more »

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Trimming Window in Final Cut 5

In this tutorial, instructor Evan Schechtman shows the uses of the Trimming Window function in Apple Final Cut Pro 5. This tutorial is part of the Digital Media Training Series' DVD "Inside Final Cut Pro 5" produced by Magnet Media

Recording Direct to Disk From the Canon XL H1

The Canon XL H1 camera just got a little more usable with the news that the gurus at CineForm and Wafian have worked up a direct-to-disk recording option for the camera’s HD-SDI output, meaning users can capture 24fps footage directly … more »

Start-Up Shows Really Small Format HD POV

A fledgling company called Iconix Video (Santa Barbara, Calif.) wants to change your point of view on HD acquisition, at least in terms of size and price. Company founder Wayne Upton offered a sneak preview in Burbank last week of the new $16,000 HD-RH1 multiformat HD POV camera, which captures images in all common HD resolutions, including 1080p/60. It uses three 1/3-inch progressive 16:9 CCD imagers inside a compact camera head that measures 1.32" x 1.5" x 1.92". The camera should be a hit with motion picture and episodic television professionals looking for the highest quality when shooting from hard-to-reach angles. another potential application is multi-head arrays for 360-degree HD shots (a la The Matrix). more »

Color Workflow Issues Dominate Spring Topics

One of the significant problems impeding the digital intermediate workflow is the challenge of keeping colors consistent and predictable across various platforms. Just as edit decisions were made portable through edit decision lists (EDLs), the same is needed for color information. more »

Shaggy Dog Marks Territory with a D-Cinema First

One day in the future we may look back at Walt Disney's Shaggy Dog as a groundbreaking moment for cinema. Well, at least D-Cinema. more »