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OEN Studios Launches to Provide HD Content via IPTV

Optical Entertainment Network (OEN), the leading provider of IPTV and broadband services built to optimize fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology, announced today the introduction of OEN Studios, the all high-definition (HD) TV production company for OEN's FISION IPTV service and a leader in the development of original HDTV programming for syndication. more »

Zaxwerks Releases ProAnimator v4

The ProAnimator 3D title and logo software, winner of the Best Animation Program of 2005 by Videomaker magazine, has just been upgraded to version 4. Containing dozens of improvements and new features the ProAnimator has redefined how fast the production of professional-level 3D graphics can be. more »

Toshiba Brings Format War to Front Lines with HD DVD Tour

Toshiba is now officially introducing its new HD DVD players to consumers with a 40-city promotional tour across the U.S., making its first New York City stop last week at the upper west side's PC Richard & Son. more »

New Century Lens Accessories for Panasonic HVX200

Schneider Optics announces a new line of Century lens accessories created especially to complement Panasonic's new HVX200 camcorder. These new professional add-ons provide unprecedented image clarity, while enabling the HVX200 to go wider, reach further, and move in closer than the lens alone will allow. more »

The Real Challenge of Web Video

I have here on my desk the remains of a V-Lite VHS videocassette. It was sent to my wife a few years ago, a promotional piece encouraging people to raise money for and run in a charity marathon. more »

Speed Up Your Color Matching with Avid DS Nitris 7.6

For this project, we used Avid's DS Nitris finishing system. But, you'll actually be able to perform the same corrections using Xpress Pro, Adrenaline or Symphony, as all share similar color-matching tools. more »

Shooting Temps in HDV

Looking at the rich, detailed, color-saturated images displayed on D.P. James Weber's video monitor on the set of Temps, it's hard to believe they come from the unassuming camera he's using, which looks just like a DVCAM. more »

What I’m Using Now: Apple Shake

AJ Koch Video Editor Base2 Studios Denver, CO Favorite Gear : Apple Shake List : $2,399 to $4,422 Why I love It: The thing I love most about Shake is that there are hundreds of ways to get your desired effect more »

Going Wide: HD Widescreen vs. Superwidescreen

When staging a live event, the type of screen you choose is critical: the wrong one can turn a thrilling presentation into a disaster of epic proportions. In particular, there's still a lot of confusion out more »

Sony Anycast Station

The Sony AWS-G500 Anycast Station is a self-contained, 17-pound, 6-channel location-video switcher with integrated audio mixing and TCP/IP digital video streaming, all packaged in an enclosure about the size more »