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Disc Makers MicroUltra

Disc Makers (Pennsauken, NJ) says this sporty model is the first automated DVD duplicator available for less than $1000. The catch more »

Menace in Motion in ABC’s The Night Stalker

Because of the subject matter - a reporter investigates mysterious, nocturnal crimes - it was essential for DP Clark Mathis to make the night come alive in ABC's new series The Night Stalker. more »

Where It’s At: Beck Unfolds

Beck's video "Girl" is one of those puzzles that prompts a pro to ask "How did they do that, anyway?" The challenge was to illustrate the singer's darkly inflected but light-sounding more »

In-Your-Face Animation

Eschewing subtlety, a technology preview by Avid Technology's Softimage division at July's SIGGRAPH conference in LA offered an "in-your-face" demonstation of its new facial animation technology more »

Flash 8 Gets a Big Video Tune-up

Macromedia has dramatically bolstered video quality in Flash Professional 8, leveraging On2's VP6 codec to embed cleaner, smaller video files in Flash 8 content. Macromedia claims 95 percent of PCs have more »

Taking Altman’s Sound Challenge

It's one thing to get up to speed on a typical feature film, but production sound mixer Drew Kunin had to ramp up in a hurry working on the Robert Altman -directed musical Prairie Home Companion, a project more »

How to Tease The Da Vinci Code

How do you effectively promote an upcoming blockbuster without a single frame of footage? You might do it with a clever combination of miniature shooting, motion capture and 3D animation. West Hollywood's more »

Forget the Director, Hire the VFX Guy

When NetZero decided to create a campaign to push its next-generation connectivity, its in-house creative team came up with a concept: A man in a futuristic white room sits at a desk with a computer, out of more »

Playing It Safe with CG Cars

For a NASCAR sequence in a recent Ford spot, lensed by director Jaume (Collet-Serra) out of production company Believe, KromA took on the job of creating photoreal cars that would be indistinguishable from more »

Stalking the Wild HD Beast

HD spots are still rare animals- uncommon enough that Bausch & Lomb decided to make an HD finish a selling point for contact lenses. "See your world in High Definition" is the tag line for a more »