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Between Sessions with John Crowley

"[Everything is Illuminated] is a very emotional film and we had to come up with different looks for different moods of the film," says colorist John Crowley of Everything Is Illuminated. Most notably, there's a flashback sequence more »

Avid Unveils Next-Generation Shared-Storage Solution: Avid Unity ISIS

Avid Technology unveiled its next-generation shared-storage solution in the Avid Unity family ' the Avid Unity ISIS media network. more »

D-Eye: A History of Violence

Lennon-McCartney. Astaire-Rogers. Carson-McMahon. If you ask the D-Eye Guy, Cronenberg-Suschitzky should go down among the great collaborations in entertainment history. more »

NaturalMotion Ships endorphin 2.5

Beta Testers Applaud Enhanced Real-time Character Animation Features; New USD $9,495 Pricing more »

New Tools for Timing, Storing, Moving and Seeing Digital Images

Globalstor Data Corporation's ExtremeStor-DI, has been certified for use with Iridas' FrameCycler DDS and SpeedGrade DI, and for use with Assimilate's more »

Color Decisions: The CRT vs. Laser Smackdown

The CRT vs. Laser Smackdown - First, the history. In the early 1990s, Kodak created its Lightning recorder, using a laser directed at a spinning mirror to record film frame-by-frame. more »

Panasonic Debuts AG-DVX100B Mini-DV Cinema Camcorder

Panasonic Broadcast has introduced the AG-DVX100B Mini-DV Camcorder with more than two dozen enhancements. more »

BOOK EXCERPT: DV Filmmaking: From Start to Finish

For beginners and experts alike, author Ian David Aronson covers all aspects of digital video filmamking, from the details of timecode and aspect ratio, to framing, lighting, and sound recording, to editing, special effects creation, and distribution in his new book DV Filmmaking: From Start to Finish. more »

Autodesk to Acquire Alias

When Jonah was swallowed by the whale, what happened to his customers? And what about his competitors? The whale's competitors? What about all that stuff they both made? more »

Avid (Finally!) Offers Native HDV Editing

Although it was originally supposed to be available in January of this year, as of this month, Avid's Xpress Pro version 5.2 NLE systems now include the ability to edit material shot on HDV tape without requiring a separate cross-conversion step. more »