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Optitrack Highlights Tracking Software, New Cameras on the Half-Pipe at SIGGRAPH

Optitrack was at SIGGRAPH touting its new Motive:Body software and wide-angle Prime 17W motion-capture cameras by capturing the performance of body-markered skateboarders working a half-pipe on the show floor. Both products were announced at this year's Game Developers Conference, but … more »


Fusion-io Demos 12 GB/sec VFX Pipeline

Fusion-io used SIGGRAPH to show off its latest ideas in moving data around for VFX production. In the current Fusion-io VFX pipeline, up to 192 TB of data starts off moving relatively slow, shackled to old-fashioned spinning disks in a … more »


LightWave 11.6 Gets Kinect-Driven Mocap Retargeting

NewTek debuted NevronMotion, a new motion-capture retargeting plug-in for the just-announced LightWave 11.6 that lets artists and animators use the Microsoft Kinect sensor to quickly retarget motion data to 3D models. Users fit a preset NevronMotion skeleton to their own … more »


HP Announces New Workstations and Displays, Dell Previews a Sleek Notebook

HD and Dell were both talking up workstations at last week's SIGGRAPH, with HP debuting the Z230 workstation and showing a line-up of IPS panels available now dubbed Z Displays. Meanwhile, Dell gave showgoers a preview of a slim notebook … more »

Getting the Greenlight with Pitchvis

Why wait until your movie is made to create a trailer for it? Why hold out for the completion of a script before you create an action sequence? As tools for creating rough animation improve, filmmakers and studio executives alike … more »


Nvidia Introduces K6000 GPU with 12 GB Memory

Nvidia debuted its GK110 graphics hardware running at full power for the first time with the introduction of the new Quadro K6000 GPU at SIGGRAPH this week. Nvidia said the new GPU has five times the compute performance and almost … more »

Jon Landau Talks Avatar 2 Techniques

Lightstorm Entertainment's Jon Landau took the stage briefly at Autodesk's SIGGRAPH user group event last night in Anaheim, CA, to talk about planned virtual production techniques for Avatar 2. He said the system will work much the same way it … more »


10 Man of Steel VFX Facts from SIGGRAPH

It turns out that 90 minutes was way too little time to spend with five facility VFX supervisors who worked on director Zack Snyder's Superman opus Man of Steel. By the time each man showed some footage and shared a … more »

Maxon Cinema 4D R15 Adds 3D Beveling and Kerning Tools

At SIGGRAPH this week in Anaheim, CA, Maxon announced Cinema 4D R15, which will incorporate new tools for modeling, text creation, rendering, and sculpting. Interactive beveling — a long-standing request from the C4D user base — offers increased control over … more »

Katana and RenderMan Team Up in The Foundry/Pixar Deal

The Foundry's Katana will include RenderMan as a standard feature under the terms of a new strategic collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios. Karana customers will receive one RenderMan Pro Server license as a standard part of their first 10 Katana … more »