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Radeon Pro SSG

AMD Demos 8K-Ready 1 TB Solid State Graphics Technology

AMD announced at SIGGRAPH that it is developing an ambitious new high-performance video card that will incorporate a 1 TB frame buffer connected directly to the GPU via PCIe, enabling extremely low latency operation when working with large quantities of data, … more »

Blackmagic Fusion 8.2

Blackmagic Releases Blackmagic Fusion for Linux

Blackmagic Design's Fusion VFX software is available for Linux at last. The company said at SIGGRAPH that Fusion 8.2 is now available for download in a public beta version with feature parity across Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Blackmagic … more »


Nozon and V-Ray to Add Parallax to VR Renders

Belgian VFX firm Nozon said at SIGGRAPH that its Presenz system for creating 360-degree "volumetric movies" that offer six degrees of parallax — the company calls it "six degrees of freedom" — for a more immersive viewing experience will be integrated in … more »

Maxon Previews Cinema 4D Release 18

Maxon announced a new, feature-laden release of its Cinema 4D VFX software. New features include new ways to fracture shapes, a variety of knife tools, object tracking, and more. "The last couple of versions [of Cinema 4D] didn't have a … more »


Autodesk Releases Maya 2017 with Arnold Built In

At SIGGRAPH this week, Autodesk shipped Maya 2017, the first version of the popular 3D software to integrate Arnold as the default renderer. Autodesk announced at NAB this year that it was acquiring Solid Angle, the maker of Arnold. While … more »

Pixar Open-Sources Universal Scene Description

Pixar Animation Studios has officially released its Universal Scene Description (USD) system as open-source technology on GitHub. It joins Pixar's OpenSubdiv subdivision implementation, which was open-sourced in 2012. The company first announced plans to make USD — code that's been … more »

PipelineFX logo

PipelineFX Adds Metered Licensing as Cloud Rendering Matures

PipelineFX has added metered licensing options to its Qube! render-farm management software. Licenses are billed at 10 cents/hour on a per-minute basis and can be used for projects rendering on site as well as in the cloud. Moreover, the company … more »

Nvidia Quadro P6000

Nvidia Announces Quadro P6000 Card at SIGGRAPH

Nvidia debuted the new Quadro P6000 card at SIGGAPH today, describing the GPU, based on the Pascal architecture it debuted in April, as its fastest to date. "I think this is going to be one of the biggest SIGGRAPHs ever for … more »


Thinkbox Vero Wants to Demystify Your VFX Budget

Thinkbox Software, maker of the Deadline compute-management software widely used for render farms, is working with longtime VFX producer Joyce Cox (Avatar, The Dark Knight, The Jungle Book) on a new tool that may help studios keep visual effects budgets … more »

Pixar's Piper

Pixar Releases RenderMan v21

Rendering advancements first seen on screen in serious VFX pictures including The Jungle Book and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are making their way into mainstream production as Pixar Animation Studios releases the latest version of RenderMan. Pixar said the newest revision to … more »