ArrowFx Uses Magnetic Encoders to Keep Graphics Engines Updated on Camera Position with Zero Latency

Designed for live TV production where real-time graphics engines are being used to incorporate augmented reality effects into the final image, Miller Camera Support's new line of ArrowFx Fluid Heads has high-resolution magnetic encoders built right in.

That allows the exact position of each fluid head to be monitored in real time with zero latency, the company said. 

"In today's world, we must evolve our product offerings to satisfy the latest production trends, including adapting to augmented-reality effects in real time," said Miller Camera Support Equipment Global Sales and Marketing Manager Charles Montesin. "The ArrowFx range allows our customers to achieve higher quality, more realistic and attractive digital effects."

Each of the new fluid heads also comes with an augmented reality interface box for communicating with systems from Vizrt, Orad, and others about pan, tilt, zoom, focus and lens geometry. They also employ Miller's proprietary CB Plus counterbalance design for fast rigging.

ArrowFx heads come in three variants designed for different camera payloads. The ArrowFx 3 can hold a payload up to 41.8 lbs., the ArrowFx 5 can handle up to 46.2 lbs., and the ArrowFx 7 can handle weights ranging from 13.2 to 55.1 lbs. All three models come with 120mm sliding travel plates for quick rebalancing and illuminated controls.

The new fluid heads are set to ship at NAB.