Sound Expansion

Gene Michael Productions recently expanded GMP MUSIC & RESERVE MUSIC libraries to 344 CDs. New releases for GMP MUSIC include: Drama Orchestral, Quirky & Eclectic, ADSHOP spot music, Cultural, Post Rock & Fusion Jazz. New releases for RESERVE MUSIC include: Classic Rock, Ambient Fantasy, Pastoral Orchestra, Post Rock and Action Adventure. Both GMP MUSIC & RESERVE MUSIC have enjoyed recent placements in network and cable programming, ads and promos as well as feature film trailers and radio spots. Delivery formats include iTunes-encoded aif & mp3 files on DVD-ROM, Download aif, wav & mp3 files and CDs online.

New Web Presence

Editor’s Choice Music (ECM), a leading library of production music and sound design for film, television, advertising and multimedia, has launched a full-featured new Web site. Registered users of the site can quickly preview, download and license over 2000 titles, from a roster of top artists selected by Emmy Award-winning composer Gary Fitzgerald. Twenty-five categories of music and sound design provide an extremely diverse range of styles, giving music supervisors, directors and producers convenient access to top tracks.

615 Signs New Catalogs

615 Music has signed deals to represent three significant new music catalogs: “RSM” (Reliable Source Music,) “Live Source,” and “Adonys 5.1.” Reliable Source Music (RSM) is a London-based production music library that was founded by Wayne Bickerton, a famous pop musician. The RSM catalog features 85 CDs of music in diverse styles and genres from some of the best known composers in England. Live Source, a catalog that features musicians and composers who’ve worked extensively on a broad range of live television projects, is a new library from Banshee Music, a sonic branding agency and next generation music publisher.

International Beats

Gratis, one of the first American music libraries whose Web site is in both English and Spanish and whose sales team includes a full-time Latin representative, has recently moved into the international arena and is represented in most countries. Its recent assimilation of the Manpower Music Library and its drive to strike strategic alliances with other music entities will continue to grow the creative content of its catalogue.