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Canon Debuts Technology to Reduce Color Fringing in 35mm EF Lens

Canon has announced an EF 35mm f/1.4 L II USM lens that uses proprietary technology to correct chromatic aberrations in the glass.  The company's newly developed technology, known as blue spectrum refractive optics (or BR Optics for short) involves the use of a … more »

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Going Off Grid to Archive the Planet in 4K

Olivier Chiabodo is a French doctor turned television presenter on a far-reaching yet specific mission: to diagnose, maintain and potentially heal the contours and biodiversity of the planet as one would a human patient. The director of The Explorers Network, … more »

Cartoni to Show Four New Fluid Heads for Lightweight Cameras at IBC

Cartoni is showing four new fluid heads designed for smaller and lighter cameras at IBC. The Focus 8, Focus 12, Focus 18, and Focus 22 fluid heads are designed to accommodate camera packages weighing up to 22 kg (48.5 lbs.). … more »


Thomson Video Networks Will Demo HDR Broadcasts at IBC

At IBC, Thomson Video Networks plans to show its ViBE 4K encoder [top] being used to encode HDR content in real time for UHD distribution.  A single HEVC stream can carry a non-HDR picture along with HDR metadata, allowing the stream to be used … more »


Band Pro to Show Lightweight Cinetech Capinera Dolly at IBC

Band Pro Munich will demo the new Cinetech Capinera Dolly, a lightweight (sub-200 lb.) medium-size camera dolly designed by Armando Grottesi, at IBC. The Italian-made Capinera was designed to reduce the bulk of a camera dolly without affecting stability or smoothness … more »


IB/E Optics Unveils Super-35-to-Full-Frame Lens Expander

IB/E Optics is introducing a new piece of kit at IBC to expand the usability of Super 35 lenses with cameras including the 8K Red Weapon. Band Pro Munich will show the IB/E Super 35 to Full Frame Expander (S35xFF), … more »


Panasonic’s 4K AG-DVX200PJ Camcorder Will Cost $4,695

Panasonic set a $4,695 suggested list price for the new AG-DVX200PJ 4K handheld camcorder, which it said will begin shipping in October. Announced at NAB 2015, the DVX200PJ is a 4/3-inch handheld camcorder with a fixed F2.8-F4.5 zoom lens that records … more »


Academy Reveals Shortlist of Sci-Tech Oscar Candidates

The Foundry's Mari, Tweak's RV, and Clairmont Camera's Squishy Lens are all on this year's list of achievements that are under consideration for awards from the Scientific and Technical Awards Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (That's … more »


Blackmagic Design Reissues 3G Mini Converter Line

Blackmagic Design has been pushing the envelope of format conversion, replacing its old 3G-SDI Mini Converters with newer 6G models for the same price. Now, recognizing that many customers don't yet need UHD-friendly conversion options, the company is bringing back the … more »


NewTek Updates LightWave 2015

The latest update to NewTek's LightWave 3D modeling, animation and rendering program, adds pipeline updates including improvements to ZBrush GoZ and After Effects support. NewTek listed other enhancements in this release, including improved support for FBX rigging from Maya, improved support for UV … more »