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MTI Film Releases Cortex::Convey Transcoding System

MTI Film has released Cortex::Convey, a $995 transcoding engine for converting camera file formats, editorial files, and intermediate files to review, editorial, and intermediate formats as well as DVDs and Blu-rays.

Cortex::Convey was first previewed as part of MTI's new Cortex platform at the Hollywood Post Alliance tech retreat and NAB last year. It's designed to be easy to use without any special technical know-how, though it does feature an XML API for integration into workflow farms or workflow automation systems.

It's also built for speed, taking advantage of NVIDIA CUDA GPU processing to transcode files at faster-than-real-time speeds where possible.

MTI bills the system as an "Anything In, Anything Out" solution. It supports input from a broad range of cameras including (but not limited to) the Red Epic, Sony F65, ARRI Alexa, and Vision Research Phantom; supported editorial and finishing codecs include DNxHD, MXF 1:1, ProRes, DPX, and OpenEXR. Output formats include ProRes, DNxHD, H.264, DVD-compliant MPEG-2, Blu-ray. DPX, and more. The system is designed with checks to ensure that output files accurately match the desired color space, and supports 3D LUT importation to calibrate for any specific playback system.

Unsure if it meets your needs? Potential users can request two-week evaluation licenses. Visit www.mtifilm.com/cortex-convey/ for details, or watch the intro video below to find out more.

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