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Watch the Fastest Phantom Cam Shoot at 44,000 fps and Higher

It might not deliver the world's highest resolution, but it definitely delivers some of the slowest slow-motion — the new Phantom v2511 super-slow-motion camera from Vision Research can shoot footage at more than 25,600 fps at its highest 1 Mpx (1280×800) resolution setting.

If you're willing to dial down the resolution, the speeds increase, with the camera reaching about 70,000 fps at 640×480 resolution and topping out at a brain-melting 1,000,000 fps if you order it with the FAST option — and can make sense of images captured in its super-low-res 128×32 mode. (Of course, if picture quality is of paramount importance to you, you'll be looking at something like the Phantom Flex4K, which is designed for filmmakers and shoots 4K at up to 1,000 fps and 1080p and 2K at up to 2,000 fps. But if you want that truly special slow-motion effect, it may be worth scaling up footage from the faster "1Mpx" Phantom cameras, including this one.)

In addition to the speed increase, the latest Phantom camera has been designed for improved sensitivity. It features a new 35.8mm x 22.4mm CMOS sensor with 28-micron pixels and 12-bit pixel depth. It goes up to ISO 6400 for color shooting and ISO 32,000 for monochrome. Vision Research said the camera supports faster shutter speeds that can reduce motion blur as well as less-expensive lenses with smaller apertures. It records directly to CineMag media at up to 1 GB/second and has two HD-SDI ports as well as 1GigE and 10GigE connectivity. A Nikon F-mount is standard, with Canon EOS mount and C mount options, and the bare camera weighs 16 lbs, 14 oz., or 7.7 kg.

Resolution FPS
1280×800 25,600
1280×720 28,500
1024×512 47,300
640×480 69,900
512×384 99,500
256×256 205,000
256×128 375,700
128×64 764,700
128×32 1,000,000
128×16 1,000,000

Source: Vision Research

Other features on the V2511 include an image-based auto-trigger that monitors the live image for motion, allowing the camera to start recording as soon as the action starts. The automatic mechanical shutter feature allows users to get black reference for every shot without capping the lens, a useful shortcut — especially when access to the camera is restricted during a shoot. 

The v2511 is scheduled to begin shipping in late August.

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