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Relentless Starts Preorders for Bigger Version of Defy Gimbal

$3200 G5 Holds Five Pounds of Camera, Including Canon 5D and Nikon D800

It looks like a battle of the handheld gimbals is heating up. Relentless, which just launched its $2300 Defy G2 gimbal for camera rigs up to two pounds in weight, is now taking preorders for its $3200 big brother, the Defy G5 gimbal, rated for up to five pounds. That means it can handle the Canon 5D Mark II/III, the Nikon D800, and the Sony a99.

Handheld gimbals like Relentless's Defy and Freefly's forthcoming Movi are designed to allow Steadicam-style shots to be captured quickly and easily without the use of a full-blown Steadicam rig — or the training that allows an operator to become very good at getting those shots. There are a number of contenders in the market — just do a Google search for gimbal stabilizer to get an eyeful — but Relentless and Freefly (which made a huge splash at NAB) seem to have generated the lion's share of the buzz, along with BeSteady, which is neaing the end of its Kickstarter campaign funding the BeSteady One ($2999 for the BeSteady One Combo).

Relentless says the Defy G5 includes a new integrated dovetail slide to make balancing the camera faster and easier, reducing prep time between shots. A vibration-reduction plate absorbs some of the shock from a quick-moving cameraman's jarring movements. Shipping is supposed to begin later this month.

A thumb-control module allowing pan-and-tile adjustment from the handle grips is optional, as is a radio controller ($200) for use by a second operator. Extra batteries ($50 for the G2, $100 for the G5) and a charger ($100) are available for scenarios where more than four hours of running time are required. 

By September, we should hear more about what will presumably be called the Defy G10 — a larger gimbal capable of holding cameras up to 10 pounds in weight. Also coming soon are mounting kits for flying the rigs on multi-rotor systems.

Watch the demo video, below, to see what the G5 is capable of with no or just tiny amounts of digital stabilization applied in post.

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  • Matt

    There seems to be some contradicting information about the G5. While the Baja footage is great, the suggestion is that the G5 is not suited for the fs100, or 700. One spec page says it can carry 5 pounds, and another says 6. This is a very big investment for me, and I’d like to make an informed decision. Where is the G10? I need to know about some accessories.