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Cinegy Announces Jet Pack Software-Defined TV Package

Cinegy announced Jet Pack, a suite of software-defined television tools aimed at helping users start broadcasting new...

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A Smart Summer Sequel: The Inner Life of the Cell 3.0

Harvard University's Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology developed BioVisions, a collaborative lab of scientists,...

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Autodesk to End All Perpetual Licensing in July 2016

All Autodesk software, including suites as well as standalone products, will be available only on a subscription basis...

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Videos of the day

Sep 4 Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Can't Keep Checking My Phone

Inexplicable yet visually compelling, this (briefly NSFW) Unknown Mortal Orchestra video catalogs "strange occurrences, syndromes or phenomena," says director Dimitri Basil. It was inspired by trading cards, like the famous Mars Attacks series, that feature brief text snippets with evocat…

Sep 3 Recovering the Mindset

Editor Matthew Morettini cuts seamlessly between three different interpretations of novelist Thomas Harris's character Hannibal Lecter as the same scene is dramatized in three different works — director Michael Mann's Manhunter (1986), director Brett Ratner's Red Dragon (2002) and showrun…

Sep 2 Scream Queens Super-Sized Main Title Sequence

There's a whole lot of screaming goin' on in this very in-your-face title sequence for the new Ryan Murphy show on Fox this fall. Fear not—the over-the-top horror tropes are delivered ironically, with co-star Diego Boneta offering a knowing wink to the camera.

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