Azden SGM-250 review
Review: Azden SGM-250 Shotgun Microphone

With video gear, we went from analog to digital, then standard definition to high definition. Now we are looking at going...

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Already Been Chewed Gets a Different Perspective on Vans

Need to scratch that 3D itch? Cinema 4D maker Maxon and writer Meleah Maynard offered StudioDaily this close-up look at the...

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Ed Ulbrich to Lead VFX, VR Operations at Deluxe

Former Digital Domain CEO Ed Ulbrich has been named president and general manager of Deluxe Visual Effects, reporting to...

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Videos of the day

Jul 22 Welcome to The Last Bookstore

This documentary short profiles Josh Spencer, owner of magnificent downtown L.A. literary haven The Last Bookstore, which he named with tongue only slightly in cheek after the Borders chain went under. Chad Howitt directed and edited; James Laxton (TuskThe Myth of the American Sleepover…

Jul 21 Seventy Years of Los Angeles, Then and Now

Keep an eye out for vestiges of old Los Angeles in this side-by-side comparison of downtown L.A. in the 1940s and now. The contemporary footage, captured in sync by director Keven McAlester, DP Max Flick and grip Brian Hayashi for The New Yorker, illustrates the near-complete reinvention …

Jul 19 Wilson Tennis Ball Factory

See how the little green spheres are built in this wordless documentary look at the mass production of tennis balls, from glop to globe, in just over three minutes. It's directed by British photographer and filmmaker Benedict Redgrove

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