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GenArts Releases Sapphire 9

GenArts released Sapphire 9, the latest version of its VFX plugin suite, with substantial improvements to the Effect...

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A Smart Summer Sequel: The Inner Life of the Cell 3.0

Harvard University's Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology developed BioVisions, a collaborative lab of scientists,...

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Autodesk logo
Autodesk to End All Perpetual Licensing in July 2016

All Autodesk software, including suites as well as standalone products, will be available only on a subscription basis...

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Videos of the day

Oct 2 New Channel 4 Brand Identity

Fans of director Jonathan Glazer's arthouse-friendly style will be intrigued and others perplexed by this new set of mysterious, atmospheric, and dryly humorous idents for U.K. public broadcaster Channel 4 that only hint, obliquely, at the channel's longstanding branding.

Oct 1 Psycho vs The Birds

It's not plagiarism if you copy from yourself: this quick comparison video created by Pablo Fernández Eyre shows how director Alfred Hitchcock borrowed from the most infamous sequence in Psycho (1960) to craft the most infamous sequence in The Birds (1963). (Fun fact: the storyboards for …

Sep 29 Things That Can Kill You

You'll know what you're making is worthwhile if someone hates it, says Welsh artist Death Spray Custom: "You need the hate to go with the love." This short documentary was directed and edited by Joe Marcantonio, and shot on the Red Epic and Canon 5D and 60D by Marcantonio and Andrew Lawre…

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