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Scratch v8.2
Assimilate Updates Scratch Tools with Improved Metadata Support

Assimilate released Scratch and Scratch Lab v8.2, implementing new features including updates to the Scratch media browser,...

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Editor William Goldenberg on What Makes The Imitation Game Tick

The great mathematician Alan Turing built what many consider to be the world's first modern computer. Turing's machine not...

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Jamm founders Andy Boyd, Jake Montgomery, and Asher Edwards
Industry Veterans Found Jamm VFX Boutique in L.A.

VFX Supervisors Andy Boyd and Jake Montgomery and Executive Producer Asher Edwards have started up Jamm, a new VFX boutique...

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Videos of the day

Dec 17 Snowballs in Super-Slo-Mo

Baltimore agency Exit10 wished its clients happy holidays with a winter-themed video showing staff getting ... well, getting hit in the face with snowballs. It was shot at 1500fps with the Vision Research Miro M320s high-speed camera.

Dec 16 Knight of Cups

Movie sets, pool parties, strip clubs, fashion shoots, glass skyscrapers, walks on the beach, and meaningful looks — lots of meaningful looks. Yep, it's the promo trailer for the new Terrence Malick film, starring Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Brian Dennehy, and many mo…

Dec 15 Rumble Audio's Ryan Billia on Indie Sound Design

Take a walk off the beaten path of audio post to East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where Ryan Billia talks sound design for indie Sundance hit Land Ho! at his facility, Rumble Audio.

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