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Dell Adds Thunderbolt, UHD Display Option to Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation

At the Sundance Film Festival this week, Dell refreshed its Precision M3800 15-inch workstation with a new option of...

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Evel Knievel
It's All About Knievel in Director Daniel Junge's Sundance Doc Being Evel

Like the Snake River Canyon that daredevil Evel Knievel failed to cross in 1974, the gap between the perpetually mangled...

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VideoBlocks Lead
VideoBlocks Unveils 100% Commission Video Marketplace

The new VideoBlocks Marketplace, launched this week, is aiming to put a good deal of the profits from the stock footage...

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Videos of the day

Jan 30 NYC, 1981

"NYC, 1981" is a short documentary about a very different New York City. Distributor A24 commissioned it to help orient audiences to the setting of A Most Violent Year, which opens today. "NYC, 1981" is directed by Austin Peters, shot by DP Eric K. Yue, and edited by Jesse Overman. This f…

Jan 29 The Geometry of a Scene: The Bad Sleep Well

Video essayist Tony Zhou body-slams the shot/reaction-shot technique of Oscar nominees The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything, then toasts the mise-en-scène of Akira Kurosawa in one long, uninterrupted take from The Bad Sleep Well.

Jan 28 Everlast: I'm a Boxer

"Don't call me a female boxer." Claire Edmondson directed this pointed Everlast spot through production company Steam Films. Catherine Lutes was the cinematographer and Michael Durst at Toronto's Married to Giants edited. 

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