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Small Tree Introduces Titanium Z NL Nearline Backup Servers for Editors

Small Tree came to NAB this year with its new TitaniumZ NL ethernet-based nearline shared-storage servers, part of the fifth...

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Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado on The Salt of the Earth

The Salt of the Earth, a documentary portrait of Brazilian photographer Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado made by his son Juliano...

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VideoBlocks Lead
VideoBlocks Unveils 100% Commission Video Marketplace

The new VideoBlocks Marketplace, launched this week, is aiming to put a good deal of the profits from the stock footage...

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Videos of the day

Apr 20 Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial

This parody video cut together by YouTuber Braziliandanny reminds us all that not everyone needs an extreme action cam.

Apr 17 Tarantino's Extreme Close-Ups

Watch a montage highlighting the liberal but high-impact use of close-ups in films by director Quentin Tarantino (previously: Hearing Tarantino). 

Apr 16 White Shadows: Give Up Give Out Give In

Drink in the bizarre, dreamlike imagery of this music video for the band White Shadows, led by Craig Nicholls of The Vines.

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