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Analysts, VFX Leaders See Virtualization As Driving Force in CG Industry

Remote graphics and virtualization technology is set to be the next driving force in the VFX industry, according to...

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Shot by Shot: Detailed VFX Work for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

This Friday, North American movie audiences can buy a return ticket to Sin City, courtesy co-directors Robert Rodriguez and...

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With the End of Upgrades in View, Autodesk's Model Evolves Slowly

Autodesk is continuing to move its software model away from perpetual licensing and toward desktop subscriptions, officials...

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Videos of the day

Aug 19 Taylor Swift "Shake It Off"

Taylor Swift shrugs off her country persona — and maybe shocks her fanbase — going pure pop with the help of Mark Romanek, long one of the go-to directors for music megastars.

Aug 18 How Optical Illusions Trick Your Brain

Take a gander at some simple optical illusions that illustrate the complex visual processing taking place in your brain right now, thanks to Nathan S. Jacobs and the animation team at YouTube's Ted-Ed channel.

Aug 15 Normal: Ear Tailor

Here's an unusual pitch for an unusual product — custom 3D-printed earphones — from director Jun Diaz at Smuggler L.A. and editor Akiko Iwakawa at Cut + Run for agency Partners & Spade.

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